Top 13 RingCentral Alternatives and Competitors in 2023

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RingCentral is a popular business cloud phone system with impressive features and seamless access across various devices. However, with its high pricing, occasional software bugs, and inconsistent customer support, you might be left wondering: Is there a good RingCentral alternative available?

You're in luck! Our in-depth guide will help you explore the top 13 RingCentral alternatives, tailored to suit various business needs and budgets. We've thoroughly assessed each option and compared critical factors like key features, pros and cons, pricing plans, and what makes each a worthy alternative to RingCentral.

Let's dive in and find the perfect solution for your company!

What Different Types of RingCentral Alternatives Are There?

You can classify the top RingCentral alternative into two primary categories:

  1. CCaaS, or Contact Center as a Service Provider: CCaaS is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to manage and streamline their customer communication channels effectively. This service provides a centralized platform for handling all customer interactions, such as phone calls, emails, chats, and social media.

    By opting for a CCaaS solution, companies can benefit from many features, such as call queuing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for call routing, call recording, analytics, and workforce management tools.

  2. UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service Provider: UCaaS is a cloud-based delivery model that integrates various communication and collaboration tools to streamline and enhance business processes.

    These tools include enterprise telephony, meetings (audio/video/web conferencing), unified messaging, instant messaging and presence, mobility, and communication-enabled business processes.

Every business has unique needs. Therefore, when determining which RingCentral alternatives warranted a mention, we evaluated various parameters, including the following.

  • Functionality
  • Integrations
  • Pricing
  • User experience
  • Customer support

Keep reading to find out which RingCentral alternative will best fit your company 👇

Why Look for an Alternative to RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform that provides UCaaS and CCaaS solutions. RingCentral facilitates internal and external communication. B, businesses can also manage their interactions with customers through various channels, including voice, video, messaging, and fax, all through a single platform.

RingCentral Main Features

  • Unlimited enterprise-grade HD video, whiteboards, and messaging
  • Outbound, CRM, and advanced WEM capabilities
  • AI-powered meeting insights and transcription
  • Unlimited storage for files and recordings
  • Multi-level IVR

RingCentral Plans and Pricing

RingCentral offers four products, each with its own user types, team sizes, and annual or monthly payment plans. We discuss the four plans in more detail below.

  1. RingCentral Business Communication: This product offers various communication tools, including voice, video, messaging, and collaboration features.

    You can choose between three pricing plans — Core, Advanced, and Ultra, ranging from $20 to $35 per user per month. All plans come with a 14-day free trial and volume discounts for teams with over 50 users. Annual and monthly plans are available, with annual payments providing up to 33% savings.

  2. RingCentral Contact Center: This cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution enables businesses to provide excellent customer service across multiple channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media.

    RingCentral offers four payment plans for this solution:

    • Essentials gives Voice-only CX with advanced routing capabilities.
    • Standard includes advanced Omnichannel CX with voice and digital.
    • Premium gives advanced Omnichannel CX with basic Workforce Engagement.
    • Ultimate provides advanced Omnichannel CX with advanced Workforce Engagement.

    RingCentral does not openly advertise the prices for the Contact Center plans on its website.

  3. RingCentral Video Solutions: This plan includes a suite of video conferencing tools that help businesses communicate, collaborate, and host webinars.

    The company offers four pricing plans for this option:

    • RingCentral Video Pro is a free video calling solution. Users can host meetings with a maximum of 100 participants and a duration of up to 24 hours.
    • RingCentral Video Pro+ is the best video conferencing solution for large organizations due to its comprehensive features for remote collaboration. It gives Enterprise-grade video for up to 200 participants and has increased storage. It is available for $11.99/user/month.
    • RingCentral Webinar starts at $29.17/host/month. It has features such as webinar creation, hosting, and management.
    • RingCentral Rooms is available for $39/room/month. It offers Conference room solutions for HD video, screen-sharing, calling, and more.

    Annual and monthly plans are available, with annual payments providing up to 20% savings.

  4. Conversation Intelligence: This plan empowers revenue teams with conversation intelligence to automate tasks, evolve skills with personalized coaching, and maximize their chances of winning deals.

    There are three payment plans for the Conversation Intelligence solution:

    • Observer includes read-only access to calls, search, and customer analytics.
    • Coach offers limited access to AI-powered insights and soft skills coaching metrics.
    • Professional gives full access to the solution suite.

    RingCentral does not list prices for this product.

Drawbacks of Using RingCentral

Despite RingCentral’s robust features and multiple plans, users may face challenges:

  • Complicated pricing and features: RingCentral has numerous pricing plans and features, which can be confusing and overwhelming for small businesses or startups that don't need all the bells and whistles.
  • Difficult to get customer support: Publicly available reviews claim the support team takes days to respond to user issues or questions. In addition, 24/7 support is only available on higher-priced plans.
  • Buggy software: As with any software, RingCentral is not immune to bugs and glitches. Some users have reported issues with the RingCentral app crashing or freezing, difficulty logging in or syncing contacts, and call quality problems, such as static or dropped calls.

Best CCaaS Alternatives to RingCentral


Monthly Starting Price and Free Trial

Key features

1. Voiso — AI-First Contact Center Software for Sales and Support Teams

Voiso Contact Center

  • $49/agent
  • Offers a 30-day free trial
  • Predictive AI dialer
  • Local caller IDs across the globe
  • Automatic follow-up SMS
  • AI AMD
  • Flow-builder

2. Avaya — Businesses Striving to Improve CX


  • $84/user for a full-service CCaaS offering including voice
  • No free trial
  • Call management
  • AI Noise Removal
  • Free up agents

3. 8x8— Companies Needing Robust Agent Monitoring Tools

8x8 contact center

  • $85/user
  • No free trial
  • Omnichannel routing across six channels
  • 8x8 Agent Workspace with tailored, intuitive agent experience
  • 99.999% platform-wide uptime SLA

4. Five9 — Companies Looking for a Feature-Rich Contact Center Solution

Five9 contact center solution

  • $149/team
  • No free trial
  • Dynamic IVR
  • Six communication channels
  • Real-time call transcriptions

5. Nice CXone — Companies Requiring an Omnichannel Customer Support at Scale

Nice CXone

  • No price published
  • Offers a 60-day free trial
  • Enlighten AI
  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Workforce Management

6. Vonage — Any Size Business Looking for a Scalable Solution

Vonage Business Communications

  • $19.99/line
  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • On-Demand Call Recording
  • Call continuity
  • Phone dashboard

7. Ooma — Remote or Blended Teams

Ooma solutions

  • $19.99/user
  • Offers a free trial
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Multi-ring

8. Dialpad — Small Teams on a Budget Seeking User-Friendly VoIP Solutions


  • $23/user
  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • Real-time agent assist
  • Automated post-call summaries
  • Schedule meetings from your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 calendar

9. Mitel — Small and Large Enterprises


  • No price published
  • No free trial
  • Mix-and-match service
  • Teleworker
  • Visual call flow editor

10. Intermedia — Small and Medium Businesses Looking for High-Quality Cloud Communication System

Intermedia Cloud Communications

  • $27.99/user
  • Offers a 30-day free trial
  • Two-Way Audio & Video
  • Smart Routing
  • Encrypted communication

11. Nextiva — Top-Notch Communications for Small to Midsize Businesses

Nextiva Business Communications

  • $30.95/user
  • Offers a free trial
  • Unlimited voice and video calling
  • Track all communications
  • Generous toll-free minute allowance

12. Grasshopper — Small Businesses Who Need a Professional Phone System

Grasshopper phone system

  • $31/user
  • Offers a 7-day free trial
  • Ruby receptionist
  • Simultaneous call handling
  • Instant response

13. GoTo Connect — Small Teams in Need of a Voice and Video Communications Network

GoTo Connect

  • $32.00/user
  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • Smart call routing
  • International calling
  • Internal helpdesk ticketing
  • Floating softphone app

1. Voiso — AI-First Contact Center Software for Sales and Support Teams

Voiso's website home page

With Voiso, you can automate workflows and get more customer interactions with a reliable cloud calling and messaging solution

Voiso is comprehensive cloud-based contact center software that offers versatile features for inbound, outbound, and blended call centers. It enables businesses to effortlessly set up, expand, and manage their contact centers while enhancing performance metrics and overall customer experience.

The platform equips sales and customer service teams with comprehensive tools, such as the following.

  • Omnichannel suite
  • AI-powered dialer
  • Speech analytics
  • Full numbers coverage across all countries
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Click-to-call
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Many of these features are accessible through a user-friendly visual flow builder.

AI Dialer and AMD

Voiso’s AI Dialer reduces the drop rate by up to 40%. AI AMD detects voicemails in less than 3.5 seconds.

Voiso’s AI Dialer reduces drop rate by up to 40% and AI AMD detects voicemail in less than 3.5 seconds

Voiso Features

You can divide Voiso features into two main groups: great for sales teams and cost-effective solution for support teams. The first group focuses on enhancing sales team productivity and performance, while the second group emphasizes affordability, efficiency, and excellent customer support.

Great For Sales Teams

  • Automation: Call center automation features allow you to automate time-consuming tasks. Automating these tasks increases employee satisfaction, decreases human error, reduces operational costs, and improves resolution rates. Keeping customer satisfaction rates high will help you maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Predictive AI dialer: Voiso's AI predictive dialer uses machine learning algorithms to predict when agents will be available and start dialing the next number accordingly. You can expect a 73% reduction in abandoned calls when using both AI tools.
  • In-built ML-based answering machine detection (AI AMD): With 70% of outbound calls going straight to voicemail, it's essential to use an answering machine detection tool. Vosio's AI AMD determines whether a call is going to voicemail in only 3.5 seconds. It directs all answered calls to a live agent, while ending answering machine calls. This keeps live agents from wasting time on calls going to voicemail.
  • Local caller IDs: Voiso’s local caller ID lets businesses display a local phone number when making outbound calls to customers in different regions or countries. This feature helps companies build trust and credibility with their customers, as it makes it appear as though the call is coming from a local office or representative. Using a local caller ID can also help businesses increase the likelihood of successful customer interactions. Customers are more likely to answer calls from recognized local numbers rather than unknown or toll-free numbers.
  • Automatic follow-up SMS: Staying in contact with customers and leads improves conversion rates, particularly with personalized messages. Sending a follow-up message after communicating with callers shows them you care about customer inquiries. You can use the flow-builder tool with automatic follow-up SMS to send messages according to unique workflows that best meet your customers' needs.
  • Real-time dashboards: Voiso's real-time dashboard offers a comprehensive view of key metrics, including call volume, wait times, historical reporting, average handle time, and customer satisfaction. With customizable widgets and real-time updates, managers and supervisors can easily identify performance trends and make informed decisions to improve operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Real-time dashboards

Real-time dashboards allow you to improve your team’s performance with fully customizable widgets, 57 contact center metrics, and display anywhere on any device.

Cost-Effective Solution for Support Team

  • Flow-builder: The flow-builder feature lets you design call trees, IVR menus, communication flows, and skills-based routing queues. It also helps you program and analyzes scenarios for perfect customer interactions.
  • Skill-based routing: The skill-based routing feature directs inquiries based on agent skill sets by assessing each agent's area of expertise, the languages they speak, and their channel proficiency in handling calls. By directing inbound queries to the right agent with the right skill set, this feature improves efficiency and decreases idle time.
  • Proprietary speech analytics: With this state-of-the-art feature, you can achieve faster resolution rates for customer queries, which translates into shorter wait times and better customer experiences. Additionally, the proprietary speech analytics feature allows you to personalize voice interfaces, meaning AI-powered voice and chat responses will feel more human-like, thus improving productivity and compliance without sacrificing customer satisfaction.
  • Omnichannel capabilities: With omnichannel support comes the ability to maintain a consistent brand voice whether you are communicating through WhatsApp, web chat, Facebook, or other messengers. The omnichannel support even includes various offline communications, such as email and voice calling. The omnichannel capabilities feature is particularly valuable to brands with both virtual and brick-and-mortar store locations.

Voiso’s omnichannel capabilities

Keep all communication channels in one workspace with Voiso’s omnichannel capabilities

Voiso Third-Party Integration

Voiso integrates with various third-party applications, including the following popular CRMs:

  • ZOHO
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot

Voiso Pricing Plans

Voiso offers flexible pricing plans to meet each company’s specific needs, whether they are small startups or large enterprises.


Great for any team getting started and requiring quick and easy setup


What’s included:

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Outbound Dialer
  • Call Recording
  • CRM Integrations
  • Flow Builder
  • Secure WebRTC Client
  • 24 hrs Support Response SLA

For larger teams that need enhanced flexibility and advanced features


Everything in Start-up, plus:

  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Automated Voicemail Drop
  • Advanced Dialers
  • BI Tool Integrations
  • Custom Role-Based Permissions
  • SMS Capabilities
  • 3 hrs Support Response SLA

Full automation, integrations, multi-channel and unlimited capacity


Everything in Professional, plus:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Omnichannel Workspace
  • Security Reports
  • Full API Access
  • Custom Integrations
  • Speech Analytics
  • 1 hr Support Response SLA

We provide a 30-day free trial period for businesses to test our software and features before purchasing.

Why Voiso Is a Great Alternative for RingCentral?

Most importantly, Voiso specializes in providing a cloud call center solution, while RingCentral is a broader communication platform. Voiso's focus on call center features makes it an excellent option for businesses that require a dedicated and user-friendly solution for managing sales and support teams.

With its comprehensive toolset and cost-effective pricing, Voiso is an attractive alternative for organizations prioritizing call center functionality over a more comprehensive communication platform like RingCentral.


Voiso has received an excellent 5-star rating from groups such as Capterra and SoftwareAdvice. These reviews identified several key advantages of using Voiso’s cloud contact center, including the following.

  • Seamless integration with popular CRM enables sales teams to track and manage leads more efficiently
  • Secure call recording feature allows support teams to review and analyze past interactions, facilitating ongoing training and improvement
  • A competitive CCaaS pricing structure, making it a budget-friendly choice for businesses of all sizes
  • Automation features, such as auto-dialers and IVR, help companies save time by automating repetitive tasks and focusing on value-adding activities


  • Major CRM integrations only

This video provides a good introduction to Voiso and shows important features, such as advanced real-time dashboards, event-based navigation, evaluating calls outcomes, and more.

Who Can Benefit from Voiso?

Voiso's intuitive interface and flexible functionality make it suitable for any use case, allowing businesses to customize their communication channels and workflows according to their unique needs.

2. Avaya — Companies Striving to Improve CX

Avaya Experience Platform

Avaya Experience platform delivers a great customer experience

Avaya is a multinational technology company that provides communications solutions, software, and services to businesses worldwide. Its portfolio includes cloud-based and on-premises products for voice, video, messaging, and contact center operations.

Avaya and RingCentral became partners in 2020. The partnership resulted in the development of Avaya Cloud Office, a public cloud phone. At the foundation of the app, however, is RingCentral technology. Avaya Experience is solely designed and operated by Avaya. Even though both RingCentral and Avaya offer many of the same product features, their solutions differ in several ways.

Avaya Main Features

  • Call management: The call management features allow you to evaluate agent performance across multiple channels and departments. Use the tools to improve service levels, monitor response times, and increase agent efficiency.
  • AI noise removal: This feature minimizes background noise during calls, ensuring clear audio and promoting better communication experiences.
  • Free up agents: The automation will take on simple tasks — giving your agents time and energy to tackle more complex customer needs.

Digital Contact Center

Digital Contact Center: AI to deliver intelligent customer service with Avaya

Avaya Third-Party Integration

Avaya's third-party integration capabilities are available in cloud-based and on-premises solutions. The company offers tools and APIs to help developers and partners build custom integrations that meet your business’s needs.

Here's a brief list of the apps that Avaya integrates with:

  • Freshdesk
  • Salesforce
  • Cherwell
  • Afiniti
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft
  • Nuance
  • Verint

Avaya Pricing Plans

Avaya offers four pricing plans for its cloud contact center solution.

  • Digital — $48/user/month: Provides a consistent digital experience with unlimited email, web chat, text messaging, AI-powered automation, intelligent routing, conversational AI, and more.
  • Voice — $83/user/month: Offers an enhanced voice experience, including inbound voice, preview outbound dialing, AI-powered automation, intelligent routing, voice recording, and more.
  • All Media — $125/user/month: Connects all customer touchpoints and maximizes employee performance, combines Digital and Voice capabilities, blended media, and workforce engagement features.
  • Custom: You can also tailor a plan to meet your specific business requirements, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized contact center solution from Avaya.

Why Is Avaya a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

Avaya and RingCentral both offer a diverse set of call center features. Both platforms offer extensive scalability. However, if you are relying on third-party integrations, Avaya works better than RingCentral.


Avaya has earned a solid 4.1-star rating, as seen on Gartner. Some of the key advantages of Avaya include:

  • Sharing and accessing databases in the cloud
  • Superior customer service
  • In-depth analytics


However, there are also some limitations to consider when choosing Avaya:

  • IDE consumes too many resources
  • Constant updates
  • Spotty call audio quality

This video showcases the features and benefits of Avaya CCaaS, highlighting how it can help businesses deliver an exceptional customer experience by using an always-on and hassle-free contact center. It also demonstrates how the solution empowers agents with advanced tools and analytics to optimize their performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Who Can Benefit from Avaya?

Avaya is ideal for businesses, contact centers, and organizations seeking to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and boost employee engagement. It's also well-suited to enterprise companies searching for a customized implementation process and first-party hardware potential.

3. 8x8 — Companies Needing Robust Agent Monitoring Tools

8x8 Contact Center

A cloud contact center solution from 8x8 — reliable, engaging, and customer-centric.

8x8 is a multichannel contact center solution with voice, chat, and video services. It enhances agent performance through extensive analytics, team messaging, and CRM integration, providing a unified communication experience.

8x8 has designed its Contact Center solution for businesses seeking comprehensive scalable customer engagement and collaboration tools. Combining collaboration features, such as a unified inbox for all channels and customer engagement functions, ensures seamless interactions between employees and customers.

8x8 Main Features

  • Omnichannel routing across six channels: Omnichannel routing across all of your employees' business communication networks provides the insight you need to make informed decisions.

  • Agent Workspace with tailored, intuitive agent experience: 8x8 designs its software interface to provide contact center agents with a tailored, intuitive experience that allows them to manage customer interactions across multiple channels efficiently.

  • 99.999% platform-wide uptime SLA: This feature allows you to ensure agent productivity with a 99.999% uptime SLA platform-wide and a consolidated toolset that prevents application confusion.

8x8 analytics

First-rate analytics in 8x8.

8x8 Third-Party Integration

8x8 offers a variety of third-party integrations. Some of the most popular integrations include:

  • Salesforce
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google
  • Skype
  • Zendesk
  • Oracle Sales Cloud

8x8 Pricing Plans

8x8 offers three pricing plans for CCaaS solutions.

  • X6 — $85/user/month: Tailored for voice-centric contact center users, this plan includes advanced reporting, skills-based routing, CRM integrations, unlimited media storage, call activity analytics, supervisor analytics, and more. It also has HD voice, team messaging, video conferencing, and a 99.999% uptime SLA.
  • X7 — $110/user/month: This plan provides a unified interface for voice and digital interactions, featuring omnichannel routing, chat, email, SMS, social media channels, co-browsing, and more. It also includes all the features of the X6 plan and 24/7 customer support.
  • X8 — $140/user/month: This plan offers an advanced contact center with quality management and interaction analytics. In addition to all the X6 and X7 features, it includes auto dialer, speech analytics, 8x8 Secure Pay, and Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The X8 plan is ideal for businesses requiring a comprehensive, analytics-driven contact center solution.

8x8 Contact Center does not offer a free trial or volume discounts; monthly plans range from $85 to $140 per user.

Why Is 8x8 a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

8x8 is a compelling RingCentral alternative due to its IVR-controlled surveys, mix-and-match subscriptions, and numerous security and compliance certifications. 8x8's ability to support unlimited calling in 48 countries outperforms RingCentral and almost all other competitors.

Additionally, 8x8 offers robust agent performance monitoring with workforce management tools, such as speech analytics, call recording, and post-call surveys.


With software ratings of Gartner — 4.5 and G2 — 4, 8x8 has some notable advantages:

  • Omnichannel support for voice, chat, email, SMS, and social media
  • Meeting analytics
  • Extensive security and compliance certifications


Potential users should be aware of some limitations, including the following:

  • No free trial and no volume discounts
  • Poor customer support

This video demonstrates the benefits of the 8x8 Contact Center solution and how it can help businesses improve their customer interactions.

Who Can Benefit from 8x8?

8x8 works well for businesses of all sizes, including small to large enterprises, that require a reliable and feature-rich contact center solution. It best suits organizations seeking seamless omnichannel communication, data security and compliance, and enhanced agent performance monitoring tools.

4. Five9 — Small to Large Companies Looking for a Feature-Rich Contact Center Solution

Five9 Call Center Software

Five9 call center software exceeds your customers' expectations.

Five9 is a cloud-based contact center software company that provides communication solutions to businesses worldwide.

Five9 works well for businesses of all sizes. It also helps move your company’s contact center into the cloud, allowing agents to make informed decisions regardless of the form of inquiry.

No matter your position within the company — whether agent, contact center supervisor, IT manager, or sales manager — Five9 enables you to reach objective goals and enhance both the employee and customer experience.

Five9 Main Features

  • Real-time call transcriptions: This feature makes finding specific data a breeze. It also improves compliance and works as an exceptional tool for training agents.
  • Dynamic IVR: Steer customers to the right agent when they call with dynamic IVR. This feature simplifies call center navigation and reduces overall operational costs.
  • Six communication channels: With support for up to six communication channels, you can access real-time analytics and performance levels across the entire contact center. You can also compare different communication channels to pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Real-time data in Five9

Real-time data allows you to deliver actionable insights to agents and the company.

Five9 Third-Party Integration

Five9 offers a wide range of third-party integrations to enhance the functionality of its cloud-based contact center software. The platform seamlessly integrates with leading CRM, helpdesk, and other business applications, such as the following:

  • Oracle
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft
  • ServiceNow

Five9 Pricing Plans

Five9 offers five pricing plans to cater to a wide range of contact center needs.

  • Digital — $149/user/month: Designed for digital-only contact centers, this plan includes essential tools such as chat, email, SMS/MMS, social messaging, blended inbound/outbound, agent desktop, geo-redundancy, recording, full platform automation, and 24/7 world-class support.
  • Core — $149/user/month: Ideal for voice-only contact centers, this plan includes voice, blended inbound/outbound, agent desktop, geo-redundancy, recording, dialer, full platform automation, and 24/7 world-class support.
  • Premium — $169/user/month: This plan incorporates all Core Bundle features, plus chat, email, and Essentials QM for contact centers that require digital and voice capabilities. The plan also includes 24/7 world-class support.
  • Optimum — $199/user/month: Designed for contact centers that need digital, voice, and workforce engagement management (WEM), this plan offers all Premium Bundle features, along with enterprise WFM and QM. The plan also includes 24/7 world-class support.
  • Ultimate — $229/user/month: Suitable for contact centers requiring digital, voice, WEM, and analytics capabilities, this plan includes all Optimum Bundle features, plus interaction analytics. The plan also has 24/7 world-class support.

Each pricing plan is available for a monthly subscription fee, and the cost varies depending on the number of users and features required. Additionally, businesses can customize their plans by selecting specific features or modules that meet their unique requirements.

Although Five9 does not offer a free trial, the company's sales team can provide a free demo.

Why Is Five9 a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

Extensive analytics and reporting are two reasons to choose Five9 over RingCentral. Five9 has an easier reporting process and provides users with 120+ pre-made analytic parameter templates. RingCentral does not have these features.


Five9 has earned favorable software ratings on Gartner — 4.4 and GetApp — 4.2. These reviews highlight Five9’s several advantages:

  • Real-time transcription, guidance, and agent reminders
  • Robust integration


Some limitations of Five9 include the following:

  • Difficulty in receiving specialized customer support
  • Cumbersome setup process and lack of intuitiveness during configuration

This Five9 video showcases how the Intelligent Cloud Contact Center Platform can empower agents and contact center leaders to provide exceptional customer experiences that will differentiate your company from its competitors.

Who Can Benefit from Five9?

Five9 is ideal for businesses of all sizes seeking omnichannel support across voice, chat, email, SMS, and social media. Five9 also offers workforce engagement tools, such as quality management and analytics, for optimal agent performance. Its cloud-based platform suits remote teams, industries with strict compliance requirements, and customer experience-focused organizations.

5. NICE CXone — Companies Requiring Omnichannel Customer Support at Scale

Nice CXone: cloud CX leader

NICE cloud-based solutions

NICE specializes in cloud-based solutions for customer experience management, contact center management, and financial crime and compliance. With NICE, you can unlock every agent’s potential by using analytical insights and data.

The company is known for its innovative technology and commitment to solutions that provide businesses with a competitive edge. NICE has won numerous awards and recognitions for its products and services and continues to be a leader in customer experience and contact center management.

NICE CXone Main Features

  • Enlighten AI: This feature turns customer service data into a competitive advantage by making the entire platform smarter. Enlightened AI powers all contact center aspects, including entry points, agent centers, and reporting.
  • Self-Service Analytics: Fine-tune every customer interaction with this feature. It allows you to provide seamless assistance that results in better resolution rates.
  • Workforce Management: This feature maximizes every service offered through the platform to increase ROI. It optimizes staff scheduling and helps you stay ahead of the ever-changing barriers contact centers face.

CX platform

CXi journey: Entry Points, Journey Orchestration, Smart Self-Service, Empowered Agents, and Complete Performance

NICE CXone Third-Party Integration

Through third-party integration, NICE's solutions can provide businesses with a complete view of their customer interactions, including voice, email, chat, and social media.

Some of the third-party integrations available on the NICE platform include:

  • NetSuite
  • Bullhorn
  • SugarCRM
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • ServiceNow
  • Oracle Service Cloud
  • SAP Cloud for Customer

NICE CXone Pricing Plans

The pricing plans for NICE's solutions are not publicly listed on its website. However, NICE will provide a free consultation that allows you to choose a plan that meets your specific needs and budget.

During your free consultation, the NICE representative will walk you through several options, including the NICE CXone plans. In addition, you can choose a 60-day free trial.

  • Engagement includes a unified agent desktop and administration, access to digital channels, an integrated softphone, and an ACD digital and voice agent. Additionally, subscribers receive 5 GB of active storage and advanced audio recording features.
  • Essentials provides all the features in Engagement, except for the ACD digital and voice agent. However, Essentials comes with screen recording management capabilities, which Engagement does not cover.
  • Core includes all the features in Essentials, along with workforce management and quality management features.
  • Complete includes everything in Core, including customer interaction and feedback analytics.

Why Is NICE CXone a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

NICE and RingCentral both offer the same contact center services in the same geolocations: the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The two platforms are so intertwined that you can contact NICE to pick the most cost-saving plan from either company.

Reviewers of RingCentral and NICE say they prefer the latter because it's easier to use. When comparing the quality of customer support, NICE received better reviews, and its features, updates, and roadmaps are more likely to satisfy customers than RingCentral.


The reviews from Gartner — 4.5 and g2 — 4.3 have allowed us to identify the primary advantages of NICE CXone:

  • Highly-integrative
  • Accessibility from any location with Internet access
  • Agent coaching through live supervisor monitoring


Some limitations of using NICE CXone include the following:

  • Cluttered interaction pages when customizing query settings
  • Lacks design customization options

This video highlights the features and benefits of NICE CXone, demonstrating how it can help IT leaders manage their contact center budgets effectively through superior elasticity and scalability.

Who Is NICE CXone Good For?

The NICE contact center platform is ideal for small teams that need a tool to improve digital customer engagement across multiple channels and identify trends in customer communications.

6. Vonage — Any Size Business Looking for a Scalable Solution

Vonage Business Communication Solutions

Vonage Business Communications: Voice, Messaging, SMS, Video, and Phones

Vonage employs omnichannel communication, networking, and monitoring. Operating as a VoIP platform, customers enjoy premium voice quality for all business communications. The platform allows you to track and monitor multiple forms of employee communication, including voice, SMS, video, and online messaging in up to 35 countries.

Vonage Main Features

  • On-Demand Call Recording: This feature allows you to record calls and have those recordings sent to your email, downloaded to your phone or computer, or deleted. You can manage up to 15 hours of recording time per extension.
  • Multi-level auto attendant: Multilevel auto attendant answers every call every time. It also streamlines the process of routing calls to the appropriate department.
  • Call continuity: This feature ensures that your calls stay connected, even during an Internet outage or power failure. It automatically reroutes calls to a predetermined backup number, helping to maintain seamless communication.
  • Phone dashboard: The user-friendly phone dashboard provides a central hub for managing your phone system. You can easily access important settings, view call logs, monitor call queues, and perform various administrative tasks.

Vonage Third-Party Integration

Vonage integrates with multiple third-party applications, including popular CRMs, such as:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Zoho

Integrations of Vonage

Vonage Business Communications Integrations

Vonage Pricing Plans

Vonage is a cloud-based phone service provider that offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. The company has three main pricing plans with a 14-day free trial.

  • Mobile — $19.99/line/month: The Mobile plan is designed for remote and on-the-go users and includes mobile and desktop apps, unlimited calls and SMS, access to the Vonage App Center, and unlimited team messaging.
  • Premium — $29.99/line/month: For businesses requiring collaboration and communication features, the Premium plan offers desktop and mobile apps and IP desk phones. It includes all the Mobile plan features, plus unlimited meetings for up to 100 participants, multi-level auto attendant, CRM integration, and IP desk phone capability.
  • Advanced — $39.99/line/month: Aimed at businesses seeking premium calling features to enhance productivity, the Advanced plan includes all the features of the Premium plan, as well as on-demand call recording (15 hours), call group functionality, and visual voicemail.

The prices of the Vonage plans vary greatly depending on the number of users. If you have 100 or more users, you must contact Vonage to receive a customized quote.

Why Is Vonage a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

Both Vonage and RingCentral provide reliable service and enhanced voice calling and monitoring. Vonage provides customers with more customization options than RingCentral, making it easier to personalize Vonage to meet your company's unique communication needs.


Vonage has earned favorable software ratings on Gartner — 4.5 and GetApp — 4. Vonage offers several advantages that earn its strong reputation:

  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface
  • Superior voice quality
  • 99.999% uptime


The primary limitations of using Vonage include the following:

  • Poor customer service
  • Limited video conferencing
  • Small meeting capacities

Prince Rich from Rich Technology Group presents an overview of Vonage’s business phone system in this video. Specifically, he talks about Vonage’s features, pricing plans, contract terms, and customer service and support.

Who Can Benefit from Vonage?

Vonage is well-suited for companies in need of a scalable cloud-based communication system. It also works well for agents who need a quick overview of the reason for the call before taking the actual call. Knowing what to anticipate from the caller makes it much easier and faster for agents to resolve customer inquiries.

7. Ooma — Remote and Blended Teams

Communication Solutions from Ooma

Ooma: business and residential

Ooma is a cloud-based communication company providing various products and services to both businesses and individuals. Its products include internet phone service, video conferencing, and security solutions.

Ooma Main Features

  • Virtual receptionist: An essential feature that allows businesses to manage incoming calls and share important information efficiently. The tool directs callers through a customizable phone menu, enabling them to choose their preferred language and connect with the desired department or extension using an automated guide.
  • Multi-ring: This feature allows multiple devices to ring during an inbound call. You can use the feature to create a custom schedule. For example, you might forward calls to the office and your cell phone during the week and only to your cell during the evening and on weekends.

Solutions from Ooma

Ooma’s enterprise communication solutions have world-class voice quality and feature-rich UCaaS.

Ooma Third-Party Integration

Ooma offers a range of third-party integrations to help businesses streamline their communication and collaboration workflows. These integrations include:

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Freshdesk
  • ZOHO
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • ServiceNow
  • Zendesk
  • Zendesk Sell

Ooma Pricing Plans

Ooma offers three main pricing plans for its cloud-based business phone system. You can also try a 30-day free trial.

  • Essentials — $19.95/user/month: This feature-packed phone system includes over 50 standard features, such as a virtual receptionist, ring groups, music on hold, one toll-free number, digital fax, a mobile app, and email audio attachments.
  • Pro — $24.95/user/month: Ideal for team collaboration, the Pro plan offers everything in the Essentials plan, plus a desktop app, text messaging, videoconferencing, call recording, enhanced call blocking, voicemail transcription, caller info match, dynamic caller ID, Google and Office 365 integrations, analytics, and an analytics user leaderboard.
  • Pro Plus — $29.95/user/month: The Pro Plus plan provides robust engagement tools and includes everything in the Pro plan, as well as call queuing, Salesforce integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, advanced call management, Ooma Meetings recording, hot desking, and a Find Me, Follow Me feature.

Ooma Office's three plans offer over 50 essential business phone features to help companies connect seamlessly with customers and employees.

Why Is Ooma a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

Although both platforms provide an array of features, Ooma has better customer service. Ooma Office also allows you to build your own system, making it simple to create a unique private branch exchange system for your company using Ooma’s tools and features.


GetApp gives Ooma a score of 4.5. Users have highlighted both advantages and limitations of the platform.

The main benefits users cite include the following:

  • No contract required
  • Ring groups
  • Conference bridge for up to 10 callers


The primary limitations of using Ooma include the following:

  • Difficult setup process
  • Poor caller ID transfers
  • $29.95 activation fee

The Ooma Office video overview provides an introduction to the platform, showcasing its core features and benefits. The video also includes a helpful live platform demo.

Who Can Benefit from Ooma?

Ooma Office is ideal for remote or blended teams of 25 or fewer. It lacks advanced features, such as video conferencing, call recording, and transcription, which could be important for growing businesses or those requiring multiple communication channels.

8. Dialpad — Small Teams on a Budget Seeking User-Friendly VoIP Solutions

Business Communications from Dialpad

Dialpad: An all-in-one Ai-powered platform.

Dialpad is a cloud-based business phone system that provides voice, video, and messaging services. It enables companies to connect and collaborate seamlessly across any device and from anywhere in the world. The company also provides advanced AI-powered features, such as real-time coaching and sentiment analysis, to help businesses improve their customer service and increase sales.

Dialpad Main Features

  • Real-time agent assist: Dialpad offers around-the-clock support. It allows you to maintain an in-depth overview of every business communication, from the network and technical agent support to live caller sentiment and real-time feedback.
  • Automated post-call summaries: Dialpad's automated post-call summaries feature generates concise synopses of key points and action items discussed during a call.
  • Scheduling meetings in Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 calendar: Dialpad integrates seamlessly with popular calendar tools such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, enabling users to schedule meetings and conference calls directly from their calendars.

Dialpad Unified Communications

Unified communications: move between conversations, add new users, and work from anywhere

Dialpad Third-Party Integration

Dialpad offers seamless integration with various third-party applications, such as:

  • Domo
  • Salesforce
  • Now
  • Onelogin
  • Okta
  • Zapier

Dialpad Pricing Plans

Dialpad has three main pricing plans with a 14-day free trial.

  • Standard — $23/user/month: Priced at $23 per user per month, or $15 USD if billed annually, the Standard plan includes unlimited calling, SMS & MMS, AI-powered call and voicemail transcriptions, Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 integrations, unlimited video meetings, and web and chat support.
  • Pro — $35/user/month: The Pro plan costs $35 per user per month or $25 USD if billed annually. It is recommended for most users and includes all the features of the Standard plan, plus local number support in 70+ countries, multiple phone numbers per account, 25 ring groups (departments), ten office locations, global SMS capabilities, CRM integrations (Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Zoho & more), open APIs & Webhooks, and 24/7 live agent support.
  • Enterprise: For pricing details on the Enterprise plan, contact Dialpad's sales team. This plan includes all the features of the Pro plan, plus 100% uptime, unlimited office locations, unlimited ring groups (departments), dial-by-extension, integrations with leading SSO providers (Okta, OneLogin), Azure AD SSO integration, data retention policies, and priority live agent support.

Businesses can save money by opting for an annual subscription instead of a monthly subscription, as Dialpad offers discounted rates for annual plans.

Why Is Dialpad a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

Dialpad stands out as a strong alternative to RingCentral for businesses seeking a cost-effective and user-friendly VoIP solution. While it may not boast the extensive feature set of RingCentral, Dialpad's offerings are well-suited for everyday communication needs, particularly when you utilize its active Vi feature.

In addition to its affordable pricing, Dialpad offers a 14-day free trial, allowing potential users to test the platform before committing to a purchase, giving Dialpad an edge over RingCentral's 7-day trial period.


Both GetApp and SoftwareAdvice give Dialpad a 4.3-star rating. Its more favorable reviews discuss the following advantages:

  • AI-based voice intelligence on all plans
  • Locked meeting rooms
  • Topic-based team messaging


The not-so-favorable reviews complain about the following:

  • Unlimited calling and texting only available in the U.S. and Canada
  • No 24/7 support on Standard plan
  • Glitchy system that requires multiple reboots

This video from TrastRadius provides an overview of Dialpad, including its pricing plans, top features, typical users, advantages, and limitations.

Who Can Benefit from Dialpad?

Dialpad works well for small teams on a budget that don't need extensive integrations or features. And remember, 24/7 support is only available to those on the Pro or Enterprise level plans.

9. Mitel — Small and Larger Enterprises

Solutions from Mitel

All-in-one communications, collaboration tools, and business phones from Mitel

Mitel provides global business communications and collaboration solutions. The company offers a range of cloud-based and on-premises communication systems, including VoIP phone systems, unified communication and collaboration tools, contact center solutions, and more.

Mitel Main Features

  • Visual call flow editor: This feature is available to account-level phone managers and MiCloud connection decision makers. It allows them to manage the components of call flows, including schedules, hunt groups, extension lists, auto attendants, and pickup groups.
  • Mix-and-match service: This feature allows users to gain complete control over their maintenance schedules, making it possible to mix and match services according to the changing demands of your business.
  • Teleworker: This feature enables seamless remote work by providing employees with secure access to company files and systems. It enhances communication through virtual private networks, conference calls, videoconferencing, and VoIP, fostering collaboration regardless of an employee’s location.

Mitel Third-Party Integration

The 13 different platforms that integrate with Mitel include:

  • Goldmine
  • Sage
  • Sugar CRM
  • Tigerpaw
  • Zendesk
  • NetSuite
  • Office 365
  • Maximizer
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Swiftpage
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Salesforce

Mitel’s products

Mitel’s products: MiVoice Business, MiVoice MX-One, and MiVoice Office 400

Mitel Pricing Plans

Mitel provides businesses with a cloud-hosted and on-site PBX system, offering three main products.

  • MiVoice Business: A comprehensive communications and collaboration solution that offers various features, including a single enterprise identity, dynamic extension, single number reach, hot desking, teleworker, auto-attendant, flexible day/night mode, call routing, unified messaging, flexible music on hold, enhanced call screening, and embedded Meet Me conferencing.

    With deployment flexibility, superior collaboration, and advanced call control, MiVoice Business caters to remote working environments. It offers customizable hardware options and meets the unique communication needs at every stage of a business’s growth.

  • MiVoice MX-ONE: A fully integrated communications solution for mission-critical businesses ranging from medium to large. By focusing on large enterprises, deployment flexibility, security, affordability, and employee effectiveness, MiVoice MX-ONE offers a complete SIP-based solution, supporting on-site, private, and public cloud deployment.

    MiVoice MX-ONE’s features include CAPEX or subscription models, work-from-anywhere flexibility, a one-point entry management suite, multimedia communication and collaboration, unified messaging, security life cycle, video conferencing, mobile-friendly, omnichannel contact center, extensive reporting functionality, open interfaces, and strong integrations with MS Teams and existing 3rd party SIP sets.

    This future-proof solution caters to large enterprises in multiple sectors, including government, finance, healthcare, and education. It provides trusted and sustainable communication options.

  • MiVoice Office 400: A communications system designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, offering a range of features typically associated with larger enterprises at an affordable price. It serves millions of users across various vertical markets, including retail, healthcare, professional services, hospitality, and engineering.

    The system offers various applications and devices to meet diverse user needs, including wired phones, cordless phones, and softphones. MiVoice Office 400 is adaptable to your budget with built-in applications and a simple licensing model.

    Features of MiVoice Office 400 include onboard voice messaging, an auto attendant, audio conferencing, web-based tools for users and administrators, workflows, advanced call routing, and CRM integration.

No pricing information is available for any of these products on Mitel's website. To get pricing details, you need to contact Mitel directly.

Why Is Mitel a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

Both Mitel and RingCentral offer the same basic features, such as call recording and voicemail transcriptions. With both platforms offering pretty much the same services and features, the value each platform can bring to your company depends on your business's unique structure and needs. Mitel also has a feature that allows you to pinpoint call trends.


Reviews of Mitel on Gartner highlight the following advantages of using Mitel:

  • Different plans for different users
  • Good backend support
  • Detailed contact list


Limitations highlighted in the reviews include:

  • No free trial
  • Poor customer service and tech support
  • Difficulty with the multi-site installation

This video from Mitel demonstrates an overview of MiVoice Office 400, including how to use the platform and its features.

Who Can Benefit from Mitel?

Mitel caters to both small businesses and larger enterprises. The flexibility to switch between plans as your business grows makes Mitel a suitable choice for businesses of any size, providing a comprehensive communication solution that can adapt to your changing needs.

10. Intermedia — Small and Medium Businesses Looking for High-Quality Cloud Communication System

Intermedia solutions

Intermedia Unite: video, phone, chat, contact center, and files

Intermedia operates completely in the cloud. It offers various products and services, including email hosting, email security, file sharing, voice, video, and contact center solutions.

Intermedia designs its solutions to help businesses improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration in the workplace while ensuring data security and compliance.

The company serves over 130,000 businesses worldwide and is known for delivering reliable, high-quality services, and exceptional customer support.

Intermedia Main Features

  • Two-Way Audio & Video: This feature allows you to engage with callers via audio or video to provide an excellent customer experience. Use the recording features for agent training purposes.
  • Encrypted communication: This feature ensures the encrypted software transfers all communications through the platform. Encrypted communication keeps your business data safe and out of the hands of hackers.
  • Smart Routing: This feature allows you to send every communication to the right agent, reducing idle and waiting times, decreases transfers, improves first-call resolution rates, and increases overall contact center operational efficiency.

Intermedia Third-Party Integration

Some of the third-party integrations that Intermedia supports include:

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • NetSuite
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Zendesk

Intermedia also offers APIs and tools to help businesses and developers build custom integrations that meet specific needs.

Integrations of Intermedia

Unite for Communications, Teams for Collaboration

Intermedia Pricing Plans

Intermedia Unite offers two pricing plans for its cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions with a 30-day free trial.

  • Unite Pro — $27.99/user/month: This plan includes a wide range of features, such as unlimited calling, an auto attendant, caller ID, call transfer, voicemail, voicemail transcription, call recording, file backup (50 GB), video conferencing (up to 100 users), team messaging, business SMS, and more. You will also receive advanced hunt groups, supervisor analytics, and CRM integration.
  • Unite Enterprise — $32.99/user/month: This plan includes all the features of the Unite Pro plan, plus file backup (200 GB), exchange mailbox, HD video conferencing (200 users), screen sharing (200 users), and supervisor functions, including whisper, barge, and monitoring.

Intermedia offers various add-ons at an additional monthly fee, such as:

  • Fax Lines — $12.99 per month each
  • Resource Line — $9.99 per month each
  • Exchange Email — $7.49 per month
  • Company Messaging — $9.99 per month per local line or $24.99 per month per toll-free line.

Toll-free numbers, a contact center, and additional phone numbers are also available. Call the company to request a quote.

Why Is Intermedia a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

When comparing RingCentral vs. Intermedia, Intermedia provides more value than RingCentral, thanks to its ease of setup and the number of administration options and features. Reviewers plainly state that they prefer the Intermedia platform over RingCentral.


Intermedia has earned a solid 4.5-star rating on g2. Some of the key advantages of Intermedia include:

  • Top-tier customer support
  • Month-to-month contracting
  • Extensive functionality


However, there are also some limitations to consider when choosing Intermedia, such as:

  • Voicemail setup issues
  • Long setup process
  • Prolonged porting times

This video from GetVoIP provides a full overview of Intermedia Unite.

Who Can Benefit from Intermedia?

Small and medium teams in need of an all-in-one cloud VoIP service. More than 130,000 companies worldwide already use the platform and its features, including business email, file sharing, archiving, and voice and video conferencing.

11. Nextiva — Top-Notch Communications for Small to Midsize Businesses

Solutions from Nextiva

A powerful, easy-to-use solution from Nextiva

Nextiva provides access to a world-class communication network that prioritizes security and reliability. Built for modern businesses, Nextiva delivers 99.999% uptime thanks to eight different points of presence that house carrier-grade data platforms.

Engineers keep their eyes on the network 24/7, immediately resolving flags and queries. Nextiva supports global communication and has more than 80,000 customers.

Nextiva Main Features

  • Unlimited voice and video calling: Instead of limiting call schedules, each agent can perform unlimited voice or video calls to maximize their overall operational efficiency and your business’s profit.
  • Track all communications: Nextiva makes it possible to track all communications, which makes it easier to craft a customized sales pipeline for your company.
  • Generous toll-free minute allowance: Nextiva offers many toll-free minutes in their plans, ensuring that customers can easily connect with your business without incurring additional charges. The Essential plan comes with up to 1,500 minutes, the Professional plan with up to 3,000, and the Enterprise plan with up to 12,500 toll-free minutes.

Nextiva Third-Party Integration

Nextiva integrates with numerous platforms and apps, such as:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • NetSuite
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Workbooks
  • GoldMine
  • Lotus Notes

Nextiva Pricing Plans

Nextiva offers three distinct pricing plans to cater to your business’s unique needs:

  • Essential — $30.95/user/month: This simple start plan includes unlimited voice and video calling, voicemail, toll-free numbers, integrations with Outlook and Google Contacts, and unlimited internet fax.
  • Professional — $35.95/user/month: Ideal for smaller teams, this plan includes all the features of the Essential plan, along with unlimited conference calls for up to 40 participants, unlimited video conferencing, screen sharing, multi-level auto attendant, SMS/MMS capabilities on mobile and desktop, and integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • Enterprise — $45.95/user/month: Designed for small and medium-sized teams, this plan includes all the features of the Professional plan, as well as unlimited participants on voice and video conferencing, call recording, unlimited video conference recording, voicemail transcription, custom integrations (including Microsoft Teams), and Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality.

Businesses can save money by opting for an annual subscription instead of a monthly subscription, as Nextiva offers discounted rates for annual plans.

Important Note: The actual price per user may vary depending on the total number of users in the subscription.

Features of Nextiva

Communication with customers and teams from one tool: record meetings, calendar, file management, team collaboration, and notes

Why Is Nextiva a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

RingCentral and Nextiva both offer free trial periods. However, Nextiva gives you twice as long to decide whether it suits your business. Additionally, even though both platforms provide unlimited calls and video messaging, only Nextiva allows unlimited video participants. RingCentral allows up to 200 users.


Nextiva has received a 4.4-star rating from g2. The reviews indicate several key advantages of implementing Nextiva:

  • Label customer feedback with voicemail transcriptions
  • One-on-one training options
  • Enhanced usability


The primary limitations of using Nextiva include the following:

  • Relies on fast internet speeds
  • Popular CRM integrations only
  • Strict cancellation policies

This video provides an overview of Nextiva VoIP from the BizBuddy channel. In the video, Eric explains the history of Nextiva, its pricing, main features, customer service, user complaints, and some alternatives.

Who Can Benefit from Nextiva?

Nextiva works best for midsize businesses needing a secure and reliable communications system. Compared to RingCentral's introductory and renewal pricing, Nextiva is the clear winner. However, remember that Nextiva's Enterprise plan is the only one with call recording.

12. Grasshopper — Small Businesses Who Need a Professional Phone System

Grasshopper’s virtual phone system

Grasshopper allows you to keep personal and business calls separate.

Grasshopper simplifies separating business and personal phone calls. You do not need special hardware to use Grasshopper. Simply download it to your phone and desktop computer to get started.

Whether you already use PBX or VoIP calling, Grasshopper works with the system to service calls. You can quickly identify missed business calls and texts, allowing you to prioritize and address overlooked queries, resulting in higher levels of client satisfaction.

Grasshopper Main Features

  • Ruby receptionist: With Grasshopper's Ruby Receptionist, you gain access to thousands of US-based receptionists who answer incoming calls and route them in the right direction. The Ruby Receptionist feature also answers commonly asked questions, allowing customers to easily resolve some of their issues without speaking to a live agent.
  • Simultaneous call handling: This feature, combined with the Ruby Receptionist, allows you to make every client feel important. Instead of hearing a busy signal, each call is answered and directed to the right entity, even when multiple calls come in simultaneously.
  • Instant response: If a call goes unanswered, you can still make clients feel important by using the Instant Response feature. This feature automatically generates and sends a text to a caller if their call cannot go through.

Grasshopper Third-Party Integration

Grasshopper integrates with third-party applications and services to enhance its communication capabilities. It integrates with 12 different systems, including popular tools, such as:

  • LiveChat
  • Skype
  • Zapier
  • Google Voice

Grasshopper Pricing Plans

Grasshopper offers three pricing plans for its virtual phone system as well as a 7-day free trial.

  • Solo — $31/month: This plan includes one phone number, three extensions, and unlimited users. The plan is suitable for entrepreneurs with a side gig.
  • Partner — $51/month: This plan has three phone numbers, six extensions, and unlimited users. It is ideal for growing businesses with 1-3 employees.
  • Small Business — $89/month: The Small Business plan includes five phone numbers, unlimited extensions, and unlimited users. This plan suits small businesses needing more flexibility in call routing options.

All plans come with a range of features, including the following.

  • Business phone number
  • Business texting
  • VoIP and Wi-Fi calling
  • Voicemail
  • Call transfers
  • Reporting
  • Mobile plus desktop apps
  • Call forwarding
  • Virtual fax
  • Incoming call control
  • Instant response
  • Custom greetings
  • Simultaneous call handling
  • Reporting

Businesses can save over 10% when they choose the annual billing plan.

Why Is Grasshopper a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

RingCentral does not overlay your existing phone system, even though it provides an all-in-one communications network. Therefore, Grasshopper is more versatile.

Another advantage of Grasshopper is that it works well for solopreneurs and micro-companies, whereas RingCentral works best for traditional businesses. However, Grasshopper doesn't offer any video communications support, while RingCentral does.

Features of Grasshopper

Grasshopper’s features include automated greetings and a voice studio.


Grasshopper earned a 4.5-star rating on SoftwareAdvice, which highlighted the following advantages:

  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Team messaging
  • 24/7 phone support


Some limitations include:

  • No support for video calling
  • Call recording is not available
  • No CRM integration
  • No video communication solution

In this video, Core McCraw from FitSmallBusiness demonstrates an overview of the Grasshopper phone system. Specifically, he shows Grasshopper’s pricing plans, main features, the ideal customer, the advantages and disadvantages of using this provider, and its alternatives.

Who Is Grasshopper Good For?

Grasshopper works well for teams with an existing phone system. It does not scale well, so solopreneurs and small- and medium-sized teams that tend to grow slowly are the ideal customers. However, this scalability drawback isn't always a negative, especially for downsizing teams.

13. GoTo Connect — Small Teams in Need of a Voice and Video Communications Network

GoTo Connect

Small or mid-sized businesses can do more with GoTo Connect: phone, meeting, and messaging.

GoTo uses VoIP technology to deliver affordable business communication networks to thousands of small teams across the globe. The company is especially well-suited for those in need of unlimited international calling. The affordability and premier customer service GoTo Connect offers makes it an ideal alternative to RingCentral.

GoTo Connect Main Features

  • International calling: Calling abroad can be expensive if you do not have a phone system with unlimited international calling. This feature makes GoTo Connect one of the top contenders in the business phone system industry for teams that regularly make international calls.
  • Video and audio conferencing: GoTo Connect allows up to 250 users per hosted video conference. The platform provides simple access to digital pointers, pens, pencils, and highlighters to further clarify your points during presentations.
  • Internal helpdesk ticketing: Unique to GoTo Connect, this feature integrates help desk functionality into the phone app, making it invaluable for companies with an IT department. Employees can choose from various support categories and attach screenshots as needed.
  • Floating softphone app: GoTo Connect’s floating softphone app stands out from the competition. The app hovers above other windows, keeping communication tools easily accessible. Users can manage up to five simultaneous calls, and clicking on the banner displays the number of calls and their status (hold, park, or active).

Features of GoTo Connect

More than 100 features with GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect Third-Party Integration

GoTo has 30 app integrations, including:

  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zapier
  • Miro
  • CirQlive
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Office 365

GoTo Connect's open API framework also enables businesses to build their own custom integrations and applications, further extending the platform's capabilities.

GoTo Connect Pricing Plans

GoTo Connect offers two pricing plans with a 14-day free trial for its cloud-based communication system.

  • Basic — $32/user/month: This plan offers a simple business phone system with built-in chat and video conferencing. Features include local or toll-free number options, video meetings for up to 4 participants, basic integrations like Outlook and Google Workspace, and 40 SMS credits per monthly seat. This plan is suitable for up to 20 users.
  • Standard — $43/user/month: The Standard plan is a more comprehensive and customizable cloud phone system with secure voice, video meetings, and chat. This plan provides all the features in the Basic plan, plus unlimited users, unlimited auto attendants, call routing and queues, video meetings for up to 150 participants, 80 SMS credits per monthly seat, integrations with Salesforce, Zoho, and more.

GoTo Connect add-ons enable businesses to expand their communication capabilities, provide a more comprehensive customer experience, and optimize their sales and support processes. However, to get these add-ons, you must request a quote.

In addition, businesses can save up to 11% on their subscription costs by opting for annual billing instead of monthly billing. Furthermore, as the number of users increases, the per-user cost may decrease, making the service even more cost-effective for larger organizations.

Why Is GoTo Connect a Good Alternative to RingCentral?

The unified admin portal sets GoTo Connect apart from RingCentral. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize call flows, set schedules, create auto-attendants, and much more from a centralized location, which RingCentral does not offer.


GetApp gives GoTo Connect a 4.5-star rating. Its more favorable reviews talk about the following advantages:

  • One portal for managing your phone, meetings, messaging, and contact center
  • Adding more users, numbers, and extensions as your business grows
  • Unlimited calls to 52 countries
  • Intuitive user interface


Most reviewers praise the platform. However, a few point out the following limitations:

  • Basic plan accommodates only one location
  • Difficulty troubleshooting
  • Long resolution times

This video demonstrates how to download, install, and use the GoTo Connect Desktop software.

Who Can Benefit from GoTo Connect?

GoTo Connect's Basic plan works well for small teams that need a simple phone and video communication network. The Standard plan benefits small teams in need of unlimited international calling.

Which RingCentral Alternative Is Best for You?

Selecting the right provider for your business communication needs can be challenging. With so many options available, you may struggle to determine the best option from research alone.

Here are three essential tips for choosing the right RingCentral alternative:

  1. Assess your business needs: Before considering alternatives to RingCentral, evaluate your organization's communication requirements, including the number of users, the desired features, and the level of scalability you need. Doing so will help you identify solutions catering to your specific needs and budget.
  2. Compare pricing and value: When exploring alternatives, consider the pricing structure, including any hidden fees or additional costs, such as technical support. Opt for a solution that balances affordability and the features your business needs to operate efficiently.
  3. Prioritize customer support and reliability: Choose a provider with a strong reputation for reliable service, high-quality call performance, and responsive customer support. Read user reviews and testimonials to gain insights into other customers' experiences, and consider conducting a trial or demo to test the platform's functionality and ease of use before committing.

Voiso as the Best CCaaS Alternative to RingCentral

Voiso is an excellent choice for businesses seeking an affordable and customizable contact center solution that grows with your business and adapts to your company's unique needs. Its robust features and pricing plans allow you to stay ahead of the competition without breaking the bank.

Choose a solution that helps you succeed. Join the thousands of companies that have chosen Voiso.

Contact us today to learn how Voiso can help your business grow and flourish!

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  • +1Virgin Islands, British
  • +1Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • +1United States
  • +1Trinidad and Tobago
  • +1Turks and Caicos Islands
  • +1Sint Maarten
  • +1Puerto Rico
  • +1Montserrat
  • +1Northern Mariana Islands
  • +1Saint Lucia
  • +1Cayman Islands
  • +1Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • +1Jamaica
  • +1Guam
  • +1Grenada
  • +1Dominican Republic
  • +1Dominica
  • +1Canada
  • +1Bahamas
  • +1Bermuda
  • +1Barbados
  • +1American Samoa
  • +1Anguilla
  • +1Antigua and Barbuda
  • +20Egypt
  • +27South Africa
  • +30Greece
  • +31Netherlands
  • +32Belgium
  • +33France
  • +34Spain
  • +36Hungary
  • +39Holy See (Vatican City State)
  • +39Italy
  • +40Romania
  • +41Switzerland
  • +43Austria
  • +44Jersey
  • +44Isle of Man
  • +44Guernsey
  • +44United Kingdom
  • +45Denmark
  • +46Sweden
  • +47Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  • +47Norway
  • +48Poland
  • +49Germany
  • +51Peru
  • +52Mexico
  • +53Cuba
  • +54Argentina
  • +55Brazil
  • +56Chile
  • +57Colombia
  • +58Venezuela
  • +60Malaysia
  • +61Christmas Island
  • +61Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • +61Australia
  • +62Indonesia
  • +63Philippines
  • +64New Zealand
  • +65Singapore
  • +66Thailand
  • +81Japan
  • +82South Korea
  • +84Vietnam
  • +86China
  • +90Turkey
  • +91India
  • +92Pakistan
  • +93Afghanistan
  • +94Sri Lanka
  • +95Myanmar
  • +98Iran
  • +211South Sudan
  • +212Morocco
  • +212Western Sahara
  • +213Algeria
  • +216Tunisia
  • +218Libya
  • +220Gambia
  • +221Senegal
  • +222Mauritania
  • +223Mali
  • +224Guinea
  • +225Cote d'Ivoire
  • +226Burkina Faso
  • +227Niger
  • +228Togo
  • +229Benin
  • +230Mauritius
  • +231Liberia
  • +232Sierra Leone
  • +233Ghana
  • +234Nigeria
  • +235Chad
  • +236Central African Republic
  • +237Cameroon
  • +238Cape Verde
  • +239Sao Tome and Principe
  • +240Equatorial Guinea
  • +241Gabon
  • +242Congo
  • +243Congo, Democratic Republic of the
  • +244Angola
  • +245Guinea-Bissau
  • +246British Indian Ocean Territory
  • +247Ascension Island
  • +248Seychelles
  • +249Sudan
  • +250Rwanda
  • +251Ethiopia
  • +252Somalia
  • +253Djibouti
  • +254Kenya
  • +255Tanzania
  • +256Uganda
  • +257Burundi
  • +258Mozambique
  • +260Zambia
  • +261Madagascar
  • +262Mayotte
  • +262Reunion
  • +263Zimbabwe
  • +264Namibia
  • +265Malawi
  • +266Lesotho
  • +267Botswana
  • +268Swaziland
  • +269Comoros
  • +290Tristan da Cunha
  • +290Saint Helena
  • +291Eritrea
  • +297Aruba
  • +298Faroe Islands
  • +299Greenland
  • +350Gibraltar
  • +351Portugal
  • +352Luxembourg
  • +353Ireland
  • +354Iceland
  • +355Albania
  • +356Malta
  • +357Cyprus
  • +358Finland
  • +358Åland Islands
  • +359Bulgaria
  • +370Lithuania
  • +371Latvia
  • +372Estonia
  • +373Moldova
  • +374Armenia
  • +375Belarus
  • +376Andorra
  • +377Monaco
  • +378San Marino
  • +380Ukraine
  • +381Serbia
  • +382Montenegro
  • +383Kosovo
  • +385Croatia
  • +386Slovenia
  • +387Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • +389North Macedonia
  • +420Czech Republic
  • +421Slovakia
  • +423Liechtenstein
  • +500Falkland Islands
  • +501Belize
  • +502Guatemala
  • +503El Salvador
  • +504Honduras
  • +505Nicaragua
  • +506Costa Rica
  • +507Panama
  • +508Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • +509Haiti
  • +590Saint Martin (French Part)
  • +590Guadeloupe
  • +590Saint Barthélemy
  • +591Bolivia
  • +592Guyana
  • +593Ecuador
  • +594French Guiana
  • +595Paraguay
  • +596Martinique
  • +597Suriname
  • +598Uruguay
  • +599Curaçao
  • +599Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
  • +670Timor-Leste
  • +672Norfolk Island
  • +673Brunei Darussalam
  • +674Nauru
  • +675Papua New Guinea
  • +676Tonga
  • +677Solomon Islands
  • +678Vanuatu
  • +679Fiji
  • +680Palau
  • +681Wallis and Futuna
  • +682Cook Islands
  • +683Niue
  • +685Samoa
  • +686Kiribati
  • +687New Caledonia
  • +688Tuvalu
  • +689French Polynesia
  • +690Tokelau
  • +691Federated States of Micronesia
  • +692Marshall Islands
  • +850North Korea
  • +852Hong Kong
  • +853Macao
  • +855Cambodia
  • +856Laos
  • +880Bangladesh
  • +886Taiwan
  • +960Maldives
  • +961Lebanon
  • +962Jordan
  • +963Syria
  • +964Iraq
  • +965Kuwait
  • +966Saudi Arabia
  • +967Yemen
  • +968Oman
  • +970Palestine
  • +971United Arab Emirates
  • +972Israel
  • +973Bahrain
  • +974Qatar
  • +975Bhutan
  • +976Mongolia
  • +977Nepal
  • +992Tajikistan
  • +993Turkmenistan
  • +994Azerbaijan
  • +995Georgia
  • +996Kyrgyzstan
  • +998Uzbekistan
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