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Flexible support plans to meet your business needs. Choose the plan that suits you best.

Premium Support

Premium support features

24/7 assistance

Enjoy around-the-clock, multichannel support from a team of experienced professionals.

Technical Account Manager

Benefit from technical account reviews conducted by a dedicated engineer.

Recurring reviews

Meet with Voiso experts on a quarterly basis to discuss support tickets and find solutions.

Chat support

Receive real-time assistance for any questions or issues via our integrated web chat.

Choose the plan that works for you

Free4% of monthly spend
(min. $250)
6% of monthly spend
(min. $500)
Guaranteed response time on P1 incidents1 hour (24/7)1 hour (24/7)30 mins (24/7)
Guaranteed response time on P2 incidentsN/A*2 hours (24/5)1 hour (24/5)
Guaranteed response time on P3 incidentsN/A*3 hours (24/5)2 hours (24/5)
Email support
Chat support**
Dedicated Provisioning Manager
Escalation support line
Technical Account Manager (TAM)
Quarterly status reviews
* response time is minimized but not guaranteed
** chat support only available during first 30 days post onboarding

Frequently asked questions

  • Absolutely. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. Please note that any subscription changes will come into effect at the start of your next billing cycle.
  • P1, P2 and P3 are the priority levels we assign to customers’ issues.

    P1 incidents are the most severe issues that require immediate attention. They can involve critical system failures or major outages that impact a large number of users or crucial business functions.

    P2 incidents are high-priority issues that require swift resolution. These incidents may affect a specific group of users or have a moderate impact on overall operations.

    P3 incidents are medium-priority incidents that require a generally lower urgency of resolution. These incidents may cause inconvenience but are not critical to the core functioning of the platform or business processes.
  • Voiso’s chat support is a convenient solution offered as part of our commitment to comprehensive customer assistance. Key benefits include immediate access to support experts without the need for emails, a user-friendly interface accessible directly from the Voiso contact center platform, and the ability to continue working while seeking assistance.
  • The Provisioning Manager alleviates administrative burden by helping customers acquire and manage phone numbers. This includes purchasing, assigning, and replacing numbers — as well as providing efficient and reliable support for customers’ DID number needs.
  • The escalation support line, a key feature of our Premium service plan, provides you with a dedicated emergency channel to immediately raise critical issues. Once raised, the issue will immediately receive the attention from top-tier support experts to ensure timely and effective resolutions. The escalation support line is available 24/7.
  • The Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a dedicated support expert with a deep understanding the customer’s business and its processes, ensuring their operational success on the Voiso platform. They provide personalized and proactive support to diminish any potential issues — while also expediting issue resolution, offering product guidance, and managing escalations.
  • These in-depth reviews are led by the TAM and Provisioning Manager. They involve going through support tickets in detail, addressing any lingering concerns, and discussing resolutions that work for your business.

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