Connect With More Customers

Design campaigns with sophisticated dialers to outperform the competition

Call transcription


Dial up success with customizable settings and automated adjustments built into your dialer

  • Predictive and Progressive

    Adjust dial rates, methods and abandonment SLAs to take control of your dialer and maximize results

  • Simultaneous Campaigns

    Build multiple campaigns and dialers and run them simultaneously across multiple teams

  • Voicemail Drop

    Leverage Voiso’s answering machine detection to auto-drop recordings in voicemail with ease

  • Smart Dialers

    AI-based machine learning to improve dialer performance in real-time and increase call success rate

  • Integrated Call Lists

    Filter contacts from your CRM and build calling lists without leaving Voiso interface

  • Campaign Management

    Easily start, pause, resume and clone campaigns for easier management and efficiency

Call List Builder

Voiso integrates with your CRM to pull in contacts and leads for in-app call list building.
Filter on geography, phone number, registration date, lead status, and more to quickly build and launch campaigns in a single interface.
Chapter Calling list in interface program Voiso

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