Customizable Real‑Time Dashboards

Discover insights in real-time to inform business decisions and know when to intervene

Customized Real-time dashboard

Features That Make A Difference

Take advantage of all the metrics you could ever want without having to do any coding

Built-in Widgets

What insights would you like to find?

  • ROI By Lead Source

    Know each agent’s performance to identify coachable moments and reward positive outcomes

  • Customer Satisfaction By Team

    Visualize call outcomes grouped by teams to determine which supervisors are driving better NPS

  • Resource Allocation

    Monitor inbound queues and agent capacity across multiple IVRs to optimize agent assignments

  • Operational Inefficiencies

    Analyze duration per call stage and agent status to determine where operations are slowing down

Widgets At Your Fingertips

  • Visualize the metrics that matter. Customizable charts, graphs, counters and more to enable full transparency.

  • Average Speed of Answer

    Monitor your call queues and IVRs to optimize efficiency. Set thresholds to maintain SLAs and ensure customers are never waiting on the phone.

    Average Speed of Answer
  • Agent List

    Drill into individual agent performance with visualizations, graphs or statistics and turn any of these drill-downs into full reports scheduled for auto-export

    Agent List
  • Agent Status

    Observe all your agents in one place for snapshots of team status to coordinate breaks, avoid scheduling mishaps and more

    Agent Status
  • Average Call Duration

    Quickly determine which call sources are taking the longest to time to resolve or complete the call.

    Compare these metrics with call outcomes to gain insight into where your time is most valuable.

    Average Call Duration
  • Queue Counter

    Track all your channels in a single place to make sure no IVR goes unwatched.

    Set alerts to be notified and reallocate agents to the campaigns that need them.

    Queue Counter
  • Campaign Status

    Stay on top of all your campaigns with real-time visibility of all the important metrics. Supervisors will know how long agents are waiting between calls, how often customers are dropping off, and more.

    Campaign Status

Thresholds & Notifications

Be confident that nothing falls through the cracks with the ability to set thresholds for any widget or metric and automatically be notified by SMS or email

  1. 1. Select a metric
  2. 2. Set a threshold
  3. 3. Choose alert type

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