Top 8 Call Center Dashboard Software Providers in 2023

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The role of call and contact center managers is demanding. You need visibility into your agents’ performance so you can make smart decisions, but managing performance is difficult without the right metrics. This lack of visibility and precise measurement also makes quality assurance and process improvement near impossible to achieve.

The right call center dashboard software makes all of this possible. Allowing managers to get accurate reporting and real-time visibility, improve the customer experience, and streamline call center operations.

However, finding the right call center analytics dashboard software for you can be a difficult task. With this in mind, in this article we'll explore the top eight call center dashboard software companies that are shaping the future of customer service.

Specifically, you’re going to discover:

  • What the purpose of a call center dashboard is
  • The benefits of using call center dashboard software

What Is a Call Center Dashboard?

A call center dashboard is a visual interface that provides an overview of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics relevant to a call center’s operations.

Voiso Real-Time Dashboard

Voiso Real-Time Dashboard: Campaign, Agent List, Queue Counter

The dashboard gathers data from different sources, letting managers and agents monitor and analyze the performance of their call center. This helps identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities to amplify customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Typically, call center reporting software includes features like:

  • Real-time analytics. Displaying live data on call volumes, average handle time, wait times, and other essential metrics that impact customer experience and agent productivity.
  • Customizable historical reports. Allowing users to create tailored reports based on specific KPIs and time frames, providing insights into performance trends and facilitating data-driven decision-making.
  • Drilling down into the details. Dashboards aren’t only used to see the big picture. They also allow you to identify the “pain points” and understand the details, identifying negative trends and the specific agents who are contributing to each trend.

4 Benefits of Using Call Center Dashboard Software

What makes call center dashboard software powerful? These are the criteria we’ve used to analyze each of the leading solutions.

  1. Increasing efficiency, from customer service to costs. The right dashboard can help you to identify customer service inefficiencies, enable process optimization, and reduce overall costs. By getting an in-depth analysis of how your agents are spending their time, you can assess the problem areas and make smart adjustments to solve them.
  2. Keeping track of key metrics. Evaluating agent metrics supports individual growth in specific areas and fosters a personalized approach. A dashboard means you don’t have to jump between tools or switch tabs, as all the metrics you need are in one place.
  3. Real-time analysis for data-driven decisions. Historical data is certainly important. But comprehensive real-time analysis is also a valuable tool for allowing call centers to identify current trends and address potential issues quickly, preventing them from escalating into larger, time-consuming problems.
  4. Facilitating cross-departmental collaboration. The interactive and user-friendly visual presentation of data makes it easy to understand, analyze, and share crucial metrics, promoting cross-departmental collaboration. This prevents silos and helps promote visibility, which can help motivate team members across different departments and help everyone to feel included in the customer experience goals.

The Criteria we’ve Used to Evaluate Each Call Center Dashboard Software Provider

What makes call center dashboard software powerful? These are the criteria we’ve used to analyze each of the leading solutions.

The level of customization

  • Fully customizable widgets. Widgets can help you make the dashboard work for your needs – so we’ll be looking at the flexibility of each software solution. We’ll be looking to see if the dashboard software has the option of displaying widgets in real time.
  • Customizable in premium plans. Does the basic plan allow for full dashboard functionality?
  • Set of metrics. We’ll be looking at the metrics on offer to see if they’re fixed or customizable. We’ll be considering metrics such as the average handling time, total handled calls, and the average talk time (along with many others).

The completeness of the set of metrics

  • Sales-only metrics. Are the metrics focused only on sales? And do they offer a variety within the sales sphere? We’ll be looking for a complete set of sales metrics, from total outbound calls to last login (the date and time an agent last logged in).
  • CX-only metrics. Customer experience metrics have never been more important, and let you determine how happy your customers are. We’ll be looking for metrics that give you key CX data, such as the average hold time.
  • Relevant for both outbound and inbound. Does the dashboard software have both inbound and outbound capabilities? Both are crucial for measuring the performance of a contact center.

Real-time and historical data analytics capabilities

  • Real-time dashboards and historical reports. We’ll be analyzing the capabilities of real-time dashboards and historical reporting, looking for the level of detail and functionality.


  • Is it dated or modern? Does the dashboard have a modern look and intuitive functionality, or does it feel dated and limited? We’ll look at the user experience, making sure it’s smart, flexible, and easy to implement.

Call Center Dashboard Software Provider Comparison Chart

ProviderStarting price and free trialKey features

Voiso – for Fast-Growing Businesses

  • $49 per agent per month
  • Full dashboard functionality even in the starter plan
  • Offers a free trial
  • A real-time dashboard
  • Detailed historical reports
  • 57 metrics to analyze call activity
  • 20 pre-built widgets

Genesys – for Businesses Building AI-Powered Customer Experiences

  • £52.50
  • No free trial
  • Widget templates
  • Shared dashboard options
  • Real-time reports

CloudTalk – for Remote Teams

  • 25 euros per month starter price
  • 14 day free trial
  • Only basic analytics in the 25 euro plan
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Result filters
  • Enhanced analytics

Aircall – for contact centers that need integration capabilities

  • $25month starter price
  • Free trial
  • Only basic analytics in $25 plan
  • Real-time dashboards
  • A widget builder
  • Shareable dashboards

8x8 – for contact centers of all sizes

  • £19 per month starter price
  • No free trial
  • Real-time information on agents
  • Summary of queue activity
  • See how many agents are available at a glance

VCC Live – for Those Wanting a Custom Solution

  • 25 euros per month
  • No free trial
  • Dashboard personalization
  • Queue optimization
  • Instant report creation

Kixie – for Outbound Call Centers

  • $35 per month
  • Seven day free trial
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
  • Drill down into agent-by-agent reports
  • Real-time data and reporting

CallTools – for Those Who Want to Launch a Call Center Quickly

  • Request a quote for pricing
  • No free trial
  • Built-in CRM software
  • Dynamic call list creation
  • Caller ID strategies

1. Voiso – for Fast-Growing Businesses

Voiso is a powerful partner for high-performing contact centers. It’s known as an industry leader that helps contact centers get the most out of every customer interaction. Its real time-dashboard is highly customizable and is ideal for growing contact centers that focus on sales. Voiso is AI-first contact center software that’s designed to drive growth. It offers advanced AI tools such as AI predictive dialer and speech analytics.

Speech analytics is available in 29 languages and helps automatically detect compliance breaches and identify insights from calls. Voiso also has omnichannel capabilities, so agents are able to use WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and custom web chats to talk to clients. In addition, it has native integrations with Zoho, HubSpot, Salesforce, and 10+ other CRM systems.

Voiso Real-Time Dashboard

Voiso Real-Time Dashboard: Campaign, Agent List, Queue Counter

Key features

  • Built-in widgets: The customizable widgets allow you to focus on the metrics that matter most to you. There’s no need for coding, making it an easy process. It’s simple to hone in on the insights you want including visualizing call outcomes for each team, resource allocation, and analysis of call duration by stage.
  • 57 metrics to analyze call activity: There are a wide variety of metrics to make your work process smooth. Monitor the average speed of answer with call queue analysis to optimize efficiency. You can also set thresholds to monitor SLAs and make sure customers are never waiting on the phone.
  • Real-time visibility: Easily stay on top of all your campaigns with real-time visibility. Supervisors will know how long agents are waiting between calls and how often customers are dropping off, and can make informed decisions as a result.
  • An intuitive dashboard: The dashboard is easy to use and visually appealing. It has a clean, organized layout allowing users to easily navigate their way around.

Voiso Dashboard example

Voiso Dashboard screenshot


  • 57 metrics for historical reporting
  • 20 pre-built and easily customizable widgets to monitor workflows and measure efficiency, with no tech skills required to set up a dashboard
  • Track metrics associated with voice calls, SMS, messages in WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc. – all in one place
  • Quickly see how metrics on the real-time dashboard have behaved historically
  • Create alerts and drill down in the interface to find the source of the problem, looking at specific agents and interaсtions


  • Voiso is a cloud solution, so reporting will not be available when your internet connection is down
  • You may need programming skills to integrate Voiso reporting into your CRM or BI system if the integration is not supported by Voiso by default


There are three plans: Start-up at $49 per agent per month, Pro and Pro+. The Standard plan offers just the essential features, while the Pro and Pro+ plans provide advanced capabilities tailored to larger businesses with specific needs.

User ratings and reviews

Software Advice

This video gives you a valuable overview of Voiso’s real-time dashboard, looking at the 50+ metrics and the 20 pre-set widgets for monitoring performance.

This tutorial shows you how to add the Agent List widget to the real-time dashboard.

What users like about the Voiso dashboard:

This software has a ton of metrics and functions for a free trial or a low price. Pretty satisfied. Very easy to find and use the many functionalities.


All in one package dashboard, interactive. They provide everything from VoIP, Numbers, Services, quick support, etc.


I absolutely love the features that Voiso offers, especially the call center management, call routing, and call recording capabilities. It has made managing our customer service operations so much easier and more efficient. Plus, the product is incredibly user-friendly, which makes training new employees a breeze. Integration with our existing business processes was also a smooth process, and we were up and running in no time.

Zhivko, Software Advice

What users don’t like about the Voiso dashboard:

I’d like to see live time video conference call features and associated metrics.


2. Genesys – for Businesses Building AI-Powered Customer Experiences

Genesys is a leading contact center software provider, offering omnichannel customer engagement solutions. It leverages artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights and automate routine tasks.

Genesys dashboard

An intuitive dashboard with all your metrics visible at a glance

Key features

  • Mobile-optimized widgets: Genesys provides streamlined, lightweight, and mobile-optimized widgets. You can embed the widgets into the dashboard either through Genesys Engage cloud or on-premises. The widgets are customizable and will be proactively suggested based on monitoring and reporting.
  • AI-driven metrics, insights, and automation: Genesys leverages artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights that drive better decision-making and improve customer interactions. Its AI also enables automation of routine tasks, freeing up agents to focus on more complex issues, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Real-time and historical data: You can collect and analyze data across all interactions for real-time insights, allowing you to predict and plan for the future more successfully. It’s made easy with speech and text analytics, real-time and historical reporting, and supervisor and agent dashboards.
  • Intuitive omnichannel customer engagement: The dashboard allows for seamless customer experiences across multiple communication channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media. This integration ensures consistent and efficient customer interactions, no matter how your customers choose to engage.


  • A comprehensive set of tools to improve customer engagement, streamline operations, and enhance the overall efficiency of your contact center
  • AI-driven insights, customization, and workforce optimization features


  • The comprehensive suite of features can make the platform complex and potentially challenging to set up and manage, especially for smaller businesses or those with limited technical expertise


Genesys has five different pricing options ranging from £52.50 to £105 per month, depending on your contact center needs.

User ratings and reviews


This 31-minute video delves into the benefits of Genesys’ solution, talking you through reports and live dashboards.

What users like about the Genesys dashboard:

Reporting dashboards, admin interface, and agent UX is easy to use

Tricia B., G2

Real-time tracking of customer tickets on the dashboard allows users to better manage customer inquiries and provide timely responses

Carrie M., G2

Ability to pull reports and create custom dashboards using the data, which helps them gain insights into their business operations

Gaurav K., G2

Tech support team is knowledgeable and able to quickly resolve any issues users encounter while using the dashboard

Himanshu S., G2

What users dislike about the Genesys dashboard:

Lack of customization options and flexibility to add more options under workspace views.

Alberto M., G2

Dashboards are not visually appealing with line charts. Some users feel that bar or pie charts would be better.

verified user, G2

The out-of-the-box reporting and dashboard are robust, but reports are limited to a certain number of rows, making it difficult to gain insights quickly.

Hao P., GetApp

3. CloudTalk – for Remote Teams

CloudTalk’s dashboard offers valuable features for contact centers, such as real-time analytics. It’s an ideal solution for remote work, letting you access the dashboard from anywhere in the world.

CloudTalk dashboard

A dashboard where you can easily see call metrics and access average call waiting times and call durations

Key features

  • Easily customizable widgets: Agents can make contact via email, live-chat widgets, or social media messaging, and all straight from their smartphones whenever they need. This means that while it’s easy to use, it’s also ideal for agents to use on the move.
  • Access the metrics you need, at any time: Agents can set which metrics are important to them through the main dashboard, so everything is visible at a glance. These include key call statistics, call monitoring, agent reporting, and a whole host of other tools to help improve performance.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting: The dashboard offers real-time analytics, giving contact center managers and agents access to up-to-date information on key performance indicators (KPIs). This feature enables data-driven decision-making, quick identification of trends, and prompt issue resolution.
  • Easy to implement, with seamless UX and integration: The dashboard integrates with a wide range of CRMs, helpdesk systems, and e-commerce platforms, ensuring seamless data flow across various business tools. These integrations allow contact center agents to access relevant customer data during interactions.


  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Optimize customer interactions
  • Streamline contact center operations


  • There are limited advanced capabilities, such as sophisticated AI-powered analytics or advanced workforce management tools


CloudTalk offers four pricing plans:

  • Starter at $25 per month
  • Essential at $30 per month
  • Expert at $50 per month
  • A custom plan that’s designed to meet your needs

User ratings and reviews

Software Advice

This video guides you on how to get started with the CloudTalk dashboard. Including how to start your first call and how to look at the statistics and access metrics.

What users like about the CloudTalk dashboard:

The dashboard provides an overview of all your communication channels, including real-time call and chat statistics, making it easy to manage your customer service team’s workload.

Suki, G2

What users dislike about the Cloud Talk dashboard:

The thing I liked the least at the beginning was some technical problems we faced with the integration with our CRM.

Iiana, Capterra

It would be useful to be able to extract the call history logs directly to Excel.

George, G2

4. Aircall – for Contact Centers that Want Integration Capabilities

Aircall’s cloud-based contact center software provides seamless call management, integrations, analytics, and collaboration tools for businesses. Aircall's flexible cloud phone solution integrates with 100+ CRM, HelpDesk, and other critical business tools to surface the information your reps need to be successful, when they need it.

Aircall dashboard

A dashboard that easily highlights areas for improvement in customer service

Key features

  • Customizable dashboards, widgets, and metrics: You can create fully customized dashboards tailored to your contact center’s unique needs. By selecting and organizing relevant KPIs and metrics, you can focus on the most crucial aspects of your contact center operations, ensuring efficient monitoring and management.
  • Data visualization in real time: Aircall provides visually appealing, real-time data representations of your contact center's key performance indicators (KPIs). This enables managers and agents to quickly assess important metrics, monitor performance, and make informed decisions to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced team collaboration and visibility: The enhanced team collaboration made possible by the Aircall dashboard makes it easy to share essential contact center data among team members. With a shared understanding of performance metrics and goals, teams can work together more effectively, identify areas for improvement, and drive progress toward common objectives.


  • Contact center managers and agents can monitor and optimize their operations
  • Simple team collaboration features
  • Fully customizable dashboards


  • Aircall relies on an internet connection for its cloud-based system, which can lead to call quality issues or service disruptions if there is unstable or low-bandwidth connectivity


Aircall offers three pricing options:

  • Essentials at $25 per user per month
  • Professional at $40 per user per month
  • A custom package depending on your needs

User ratings

Software Advice

This video helps get you started by showing you how to log into the Aircall dashboard, navigate your dashboard tabs, and customize your preferences.

What users like about the Aircall dashboard:

The user interface in the dashboard and in the desktop app is super easy to navigate. The creation of users and numbers is seamless and hassle free.

Franco, G2

Aircall software is highly appreciated for its ease of use, advanced call center functionality, and seamless integration with other business tools.

Aman, Capterra

What users dislike about the Aircall dashboard:

The desktop interface on the app could be a little cleaner maybe. It doesn't need to be so small when I'm using a big PC.

Cillian, G2

Aircall can be a bit unreliable at times. We often encounter minor bugs and glitches, which never last long but can be frustrating for daily users.

Laurene, Capterra

5. 8x8 – for contact centers of all sizes

8x8 X Series is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses of all sizes establish communication via text messaging, voice calls, and videoconferencing. It aims to get your agents set up and dialing within minutes. You can increase productivity by swapping manual dialing with a predictive and progressive outbound dialer and maximize your agents’ productivity with 8x8 Contact Center's intelligent inbound call routing.

8x8 Dashboard

An easy-to-navigate dashboard, with all key metrics in one place

Key features

  • Customizable and interactive dashboards: You can create custom dashboards tailored to your contact center’s specific needs by selecting and organizing relevant metrics. The interactive nature of these dashboards allows users to drill down into data, analyze trends, and gain insights into various aspects of contact center performance.
  • Comprehensive performance metrics: The dashboard offers a wide range of performance metrics, including call volumes, service levels, and agent performance indicators. This comprehensive view enables managers to monitor contact center performance effectively, make data-driven decisions, and identify areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Historical and real-time data: You can access both historical and real-time data, allowing you to get a complete picture of your contact center performance over time. This lets managers track trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions based on both past performance and current operational data.
  • Intuitive and easy to use: Easily access all metrics from one place, with a simple interface that non-technical users can understand.


  • Access a summary of your queue activity, including how many interactions a queue has accepted or rejected.
  • View agent performance within a queue, including information on the total and average metrics of the agent’s communications
  • Keep track of the status of all agents within a queue, and see how many agents are available, on a break, working offline, and more


  • Although 8x8 provides customer support, some users have reported inconsistent experiences or slow response times, which may impact issue resolution


There are five pricing plans ranging from $12 per user per month to $172 per user per month.

User ratings and reviews

Software Advice

This video shows you how to tailor your dashboard, with insights to drive customer focus improvements. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the widgets and make the most of the available metrics.

What users like about the 8x8 dashboard:

So many good features like pre-recorded script playback, speech analytics, cloud call recording and playback with speech to text, IVR setup and flexibility is good, skillset management is good, MI reporting is pretty good.

Matthew, Capterra

Easy to use as plug and play. Can log in remotely even if outside the network.

Jan, Capterra

What users dislike about the 8x8 dashboard:

A bit tricky learning a new interface/order of things to adjust the settings, but can be learned.

Becky, G2

6. VCC Live – for Those Wanting a Custom Solution

The VCC Live dashboard offers valuable features for contact centers, such as real-time monitoring, customizable layouts, and the ability to create multiple dashboards. VCC Live is a cloud contact center solution provider that works with clients to level up their unique capabilities through a fully customizable platform.

With a 90+ Net Promoter Score across the company’s 400 global clients, VCC’s mission is to adapt its platform for each and every client and to provide them with a genuine mechanism for success.]

VCC Live dashboard

A visual dashboard with large icons to showcase the key metrics

Key features

  • Customizable layouts: The customizable layouts allow users to create dashboards that are tailored to their specific needs. Users can choose from various widgets displaying different metrics, arrange them in a preferred order, and resize them as needed. This level of customization lets managers focus on the most relevant information to optimize contact center performance.
  • Multiple dashboards and metric analysis: VCC Live Desk allows users to create multiple dashboards, offering a flexible way to monitor performance indicators simultaneously. This helps contact center managers make informed decisions as events happen.
  • Real-time monitoring: Managers can monitor contact center activities in real time for instant visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as call handling times, agent statuses, and call volumes. With real-time monitoring, managers can quickly identify issues and make data-driven decisions.
  • A confusing interface: The interface is focused on large numerical values, which aim to be simple to understand, but there’s little explanation around each numerical value. This could be confusing for users who need extra support with navigation.


  • Get an overview of your projects’ metrics in real time through a single graphical user interface.
  • Easily share your dashboards with others or access them anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Customize your dashboard with widgets.


  • It’s pricier than many of the other solutions on the market
  • Dashboards are difficult to comprehend for inexperienced users


There are three pricing plans ranging from $50 per agent per month to $90 per agent per month.

User ratings and reviews

Software Advice

This video outlines five different ways you can customize the dashboard to fit the way you work. It covers the KPI dashboard and how to manage agent schedules with precision.

What users like about the VCC Live dashboard:

Ease of use, intuitive user interface, lightning-fast support.

Milan, Capterra

The simplicity of the software. You can connect multiple things in an interface that’s easy to use. It is easy to use compared to other programmes.

Catalin, G2

The best part is that VCC Live is user-friendly and has the fastest and best support! You can always rely on them!

Mario, G2

What users didn’t like about the VCC Live dashboard:

The data/results visualization cannot be customized according to our needs.

Brindo, G2

7. Kixie – for Outbound Call Centers

Kixie’s dashboard offers valuable features, such as real-time reporting and analytics. It’s an effective tool for businesses looking to monitor, analyze, and streamline their outbound call center operations. Kixie integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, and other leading CRMs. Call center reporting can be easily combined with CRM data to extract valuable insights from sales teams’ operations.

Kixie dashboard

An easy-to-use interface with key metrics available on the left-hand panel

Key features

  • Easy-to-add widgets: Customize your widgets with IVR, inbound call queues, and automation. Whatever you need, you have a variety of flexible options.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics: Kixie’s dashboard provides real-time reporting and analytics. Live call boards and custom reports give you a bird’s-eye view of your team’s performance, both past and present. Features like live call monitoring, call recording, and individual agent reports allow you to zoom in on issues and tackle them accordingly.


  • Can be easily implemented with no extra hardware
  • Excellent set of metrics focused on sales. Kixie was originally developed as a sales-focused dialer software.


  • It allows for some customization, but users with very specific or unique requirements might find that the platform doesn’t offer all the custom features they need
  • Dated UX of some modules


Kixie offer four pricing models:

  • Integrated – $35 per agent per month
  • Professional – $65 per agent per month
  • Outbound power-dialer – $95 per agent per month
  • Enterprise – a quote is given depending on your unique needs

User ratings and reviews

Software Advice

This video gives you an overview of the outbound dashboard in action. It’s brief, but it gives you an idea of how the dashboard works and its overall UX.

What users like about the Kixie dashboard:

I have been using Kixie for my call center for a few months now, and I am beyond impressed with the software. It has streamlined my team’s communication and greatly improved our productivity.

Cameron, Capterra

I liked the fact that Kixie PowerCall is cloud-based and incredibly easy to use.

Nikil, G2

What users dislike like about the Kixie dashboard:

The integration to our CRM did not exist, after being told otherwise, so tracking calls and their dispositions did not exist, making it difficult to measure our team.

Kevin, Capterra

8. CallTools – for Those Who Want to Launch a Call Center Quickly

CallTools offers an advanced predictive dialer and inbound contact center management solution that streamlines and optimizes contact center operations. CallTools has a powerful suite of call center features, including predictive dialing, call recording, and multi-touch campaigns with email and SMS capabilities.

CallTools dashboard

An easy-to-use interface with graphical features

Key features

  • Customizable dashboards and widgets: Custom dashboards can be created by selecting and organizing the most relevant KPIs and metrics. Additionally, users can categorize calls based on their outcomes, streamlining the process of tracking and analyzing call data.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting: The dashboard provides real-time monitoring and reporting, with no associated long-distance fees.


  • A simple interface with powerful functionality


  • Interface can be confusing for inexperienced users


Pricing isn’t readily available on the website, but you can request a quote for small businesses or for enterprise solutions.

User ratings

Software Advice

This video shows you how to get started with CallTools. It offers a quick and simple demonstration of how to handle hot leads.

What users like about the CallTools dashboard:

Very user-friendly. Easy to use and set up.

Anthony, Capterra

CallTools was really easy to load lists, and have my agent make calls. The interface is great, and it worked well with no hiccups for the months and months we were using them.

Daniel, G2

What users dislike about the CallTools dashboard:

Reports are basic metrics. You can not customize the fields to be able to address certain goals or objectives of a campaign

Daniel, Capterra

Our Conclusion

Call center dashboard software plays a crucial role in data visualization, offering concise overviews of call center activity and insights into team performance. The features of call center dashboards benefit both agents and managers, promoting productivity and enabling supervisors to promptly address any workflow challenges.

On the whole, the contact center solution you choose should depend on your business’s needs.

To learn more about Voiso’s features, including dashboards and reporting, request a demo here.

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  • +239Sao Tome and Principe
  • +240Equatorial Guinea
  • +241Gabon
  • +242Congo
  • +243Congo, Democratic Republic of the
  • +244Angola
  • +245Guinea-Bissau
  • +246British Indian Ocean Territory
  • +247Ascension Island
  • +248Seychelles
  • +249Sudan
  • +250Rwanda
  • +251Ethiopia
  • +252Somalia
  • +253Djibouti
  • +254Kenya
  • +255Tanzania
  • +256Uganda
  • +257Burundi
  • +258Mozambique
  • +260Zambia
  • +261Madagascar
  • +262Mayotte
  • +262Reunion
  • +263Zimbabwe
  • +264Namibia
  • +265Malawi
  • +266Lesotho
  • +267Botswana
  • +268Swaziland
  • +269Comoros
  • +290Tristan da Cunha
  • +290Saint Helena
  • +291Eritrea
  • +297Aruba
  • +298Faroe Islands
  • +299Greenland
  • +350Gibraltar
  • +351Portugal
  • +352Luxembourg
  • +353Ireland
  • +354Iceland
  • +355Albania
  • +356Malta
  • +357Cyprus
  • +358Finland
  • +358Åland Islands
  • +359Bulgaria
  • +370Lithuania
  • +371Latvia
  • +372Estonia
  • +373Moldova
  • +374Armenia
  • +375Belarus
  • +376Andorra
  • +377Monaco
  • +378San Marino
  • +380Ukraine
  • +381Serbia
  • +382Montenegro
  • +383Kosovo
  • +385Croatia
  • +386Slovenia
  • +387Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • +389North Macedonia
  • +420Czech Republic
  • +421Slovakia
  • +423Liechtenstein
  • +500Falkland Islands
  • +501Belize
  • +502Guatemala
  • +503El Salvador
  • +504Honduras
  • +505Nicaragua
  • +506Costa Rica
  • +507Panama
  • +508Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • +509Haiti
  • +590Saint Martin (French Part)
  • +590Guadeloupe
  • +590Saint Barthélemy
  • +591Bolivia
  • +592Guyana
  • +593Ecuador
  • +594French Guiana
  • +595Paraguay
  • +596Martinique
  • +597Suriname
  • +598Uruguay
  • +599Curaçao
  • +599Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
  • +670Timor-Leste
  • +672Norfolk Island
  • +673Brunei Darussalam
  • +674Nauru
  • +675Papua New Guinea
  • +676Tonga
  • +677Solomon Islands
  • +678Vanuatu
  • +679Fiji
  • +680Palau
  • +681Wallis and Futuna
  • +682Cook Islands
  • +683Niue
  • +685Samoa
  • +686Kiribati
  • +687New Caledonia
  • +688Tuvalu
  • +689French Polynesia
  • +690Tokelau
  • +691Federated States of Micronesia
  • +692Marshall Islands
  • +850North Korea
  • +852Hong Kong
  • +853Macao
  • +855Cambodia
  • +856Laos
  • +880Bangladesh
  • +886Taiwan
  • +960Maldives
  • +961Lebanon
  • +962Jordan
  • +963Syria
  • +964Iraq
  • +965Kuwait
  • +966Saudi Arabia
  • +967Yemen
  • +968Oman
  • +970Palestine
  • +971United Arab Emirates
  • +972Israel
  • +973Bahrain
  • +974Qatar
  • +975Bhutan
  • +976Mongolia
  • +977Nepal
  • +992Tajikistan
  • +993Turkmenistan
  • +994Azerbaijan
  • +995Georgia
  • +996Kyrgyzstan
  • +998Uzbekistan
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