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Engage with your
customers in Telegram

Give your clients exceptional service in any channel they choose, and your agents a unified interface for cross-channel communication.

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Meet your clients via any channel they prefer

Give your customers exceptional service in any channel they choose, and your agents a unified interface for cross-channel communication.

Empower agents with Unified Workspace

Now your team can move seamlessly between voice, SMS, live chat, and messaging apps to interact with a customer — all from one tab.

Enjoy quick access to customer profiles or contact history, and easily map cross-channel user journeys without losing context.


Customer info always at hand

Tightly integrated with the most popular CRM and help desk platforms, Voiso collects all customer data in one tab.

Your team can now minimize handling times and provide your clients with personalized experiences.

Data integration

Track & improve your SLA metrics

Set custom standards to improve response rates and identify top performers among your agents.

Color-coded countdown timers help supervisors track performance and intervene if necessary.

Agent's name and phone number

Time to reply: 03:11

Time to resolution: 60:00

Enhance your comms with rich media

Now agents and customers can jump from call to chat and share pictures, files, and audio messages — to reach a better understanding, faster.

Web chat at no extra cost

If you don’t have web chat, we’ve got you covered. Ours is easy to set up and comes free with the platform.

You can customize the widget's color, size, and whole UI to suit your design needs.

More Voiso features to benefit from…

  • Intelligent routing

    Analyze the content of each message to make sure every task is assigned to the best agent for the job.

  • Dashboards & Historical reports

    Gain actionable insights from your performance data with configurable widgets, metrics, and retrospective reports.

  • Customer surveys

    Study your CSAT levels to improve them — collect instant feedback from the customers via any channel with our built-in tool.

  • Whisper Messaging

    Silently monitor live communications to coach and assist your agents. If needed, you can also barge in or take control of the interaction and steer the conversation in the right direction.

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