AI AMD: What it is and why you need it to drive sales

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Around 70% of all outbound calls go straight to voicemail.

This can be frustrating for call center agents and a costly reality for automated call centers on the whole.

However, Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is the solution that can change this inefficient routine and drive better outbound campaign results.

What is AMD?

AMD is a technology that analyzes all answered calls for the first few seconds to determine whether a human or a machine picked up the call. Only live calls are then routed through to the agent and all other calls are ended, so it saves agents’ time.

Best of all, AMD can be applied to any automated outbound call and is commonly used as a built-in feature for dialers.

The answer to achieving simple optimization

AMD offers a wealth of benefits for call centers.

First, it can gather unbiased statistics on how many of your outbound calls are answered by humans. Without automation, detecting voicemails and logging the outcome of each call is left to the agents. The more outbound calls you have, the harder it becomes to control and limit the human factor in the resulting statistics.

AMD gives you a more realistic number of calls picked up by prospective leads, separating them from calls that went to answering machines.

Alternatively, you can increase the intensity of outbound campaigns from the dialer to initiate more calls than in the previous settings without AMD. That way, the same number of agents will be able to handle more live calls per day and finish a campaign faster.

More outbound calls equals more potential customers and sales for your call center. Not to mention the cost of traffic. If some calls are terminated when AMD detects a machine, that will reduce unnecessary talk time and significantly lower your expences, especially for the international destinations.

Due to the diversity of IVR systems, personal greetings, and human behavior such as manner and pace of speech, AMD inevitably has a percentage of incorrectly detected calls. However, the average precision rate of AMD can be as high as 95%, so it’s highly reliable.

To work well for different customer destinations and calling lists, AMD mechanisms are constantly evolving and adapting.

Introducing the game changer: AI AMD

AI contact center tools are changing the way people are doing business all over the world.

In fact, contact center tools are becoming increasingly important as contact centers strive to be more efficient.

Answering machines have different patterns, and to respond to all of them correctly your AMD feature should be able to learn. For example, if your call center makes a lot of international calls, it’s not convenient – and sometimes even impossible – to manually set your AMD.

AI AMD is fast and efficient - Voiso’s, for example, detects an answering machine in just 3.5 seconds.

AI AMD by Voiso

We built our AI AMD ourselves, simply because we didn’t find any tool that was efficient enough to meet our standards.

Voiso AI AMD highlights:

  • The accuracy of Voiso AI AMD is 95%.

  • You can increase talk time by up to 30%.

  • The tool is always undergoing continuous improvement, with new countries and languages being added along the way.

  • It’s trained on on more than 1 million calls, so has a wide input range

  • It covers 30 validated countries and over 20 languages.

  • Can detect an answering machine in only 3.5 seconds, so agents don’t waste any time. Even hearing a beep sound is not necessary and after detecting the answer machine it stops the call, saving you money.

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