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Scale your operation and service more customers with ease

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Impress all of your clients

Enable simultaneous integrations across different customer CRMs and build individual queues or campaigns to deliver results for your clients
Ensure that agents are consistently delivering the intended messaging with integrated sales scripts that remove the need for memorization
Build visualizations for any metrics, compile them into custom dashboards for each client, and turn them into automatically generated reports

Feature Highlights

Some of the cool features used by outbound sales teams

  • Raw Data Export
  • Custom Status and Wrap-up Codes
  • Multiple Simultaneous Integrations
  • Call Back Management
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Unlimited IVR Call Flows
  • Additional Value

    Designed to help BPOs maximize results for their clients

    APIs & Automation

    Take advantage of Voiso’s built-in automation or explore our RESTful API to implement click-to-call, pull realtime agent statuses,
    build custom workflows and improve the efficiency of your own processes. Check out the API docs for a full list of endpoints.

    QA & Transparency

    Easily review call recordings and transcriptions to perform quality assurance, provide clients with secure access to their data
    and deliver results with transparency. Manage your billing and build trustworthy customer relationships with simple, exportable reporting.

    Global Number Coverage

    Voiso allows your call center to take flight with new numbers and number porting worldwide.
    We also interop with 3rd party DIDs and SIP-to-SIP inbound calling to support your customers’ existing numbers and ensure compatibility with any setup.