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Ditch the complexity

Voiso simplifies the way you run a contact center. We give you the tools to optimize your team’s performance and spend fewer resources while getting more work done. You can scale the size of your operations up or down – and not lose out on business efficiency.

With our flexible retrospective billing, smart performance analytics, and tools to automate your working process, you’ll be surprised by how fast and how smoothly your business grows.

Flexible optimization: Why BPOs choose Voiso

  • Whatever the scale of your business, Voiso has you covered. With our multi-tenant platform, you can be flexible by adding and removing as many contact centers as you need – securely and cost-efficiently.

  • With Voiso, you don't have to choose between clients operating on different CRMs. Enable multiple CRM integrations and take on all projects you want, simultaneously.

    Use your agents’ time wisely by letting them work on several projects at the same time, be it in Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, or other systems.

  • Growing fast? Keep track of every process stage and detail and analyze your own data to dig out business insights. Configure 20+ widgets and 50+ metrics to suit your needs, dive into historical reports, or adjust the process in real time.

  • With Voiso, you can expand to new regions in one day. A network of Tier 1 providers, telecom infrastructure with data centers worldwide, and licensed numbers in 140+ countries make Voiso a truly global solution.

Features BPO teams love

  • Smart Dialer

    Our AI-powered predictive dialer automatically goes through your call lists, adjusts to changing conditions, and delivers established calls to agents the moment they're free to talk. Reducing agents’ idle time and significantly lowering the abandonment rate.

  • Call recording and speech recognition

    Save over 70% of your QA team’s time by freeing up supervisors from monotonous call listening. Turn audio into text so they can easily find flaws in scenarios and retrospectively evaluate the agents’ process.

  • Visual Flow Builder

    Design sophisticated interaction flows: build multi-level IVR menus and configure skill-based routing queues within one simple intuitive interface. Tailor your customer journeys to any use case you need using custom menus, triggers and follow-up actions.

  • Callback management

    Improve your customers' experience by saving their time. With Voiso, you can offer a callback so they don’t have to waste time waiting in line. Reduce waiting time for callers and let your agents deal with each call in the most efficient way possible.

  • Flexible retrospective billing

    Only use the workforce you need in any given month, and be free to change your business plans without unnecessary expenses. We’ll only charge you for the exact number of licenses you’ve used.

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“In one day, Voiso set up routing for international calls from the Philippines to Singapore with stable call quality and no technical failures.

And with Voiso's Smart Dialer, we can make more calls and stop wasting agents’ time on actual dialing - automating the process has really improved our performance.”

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