Setting The Bar For Call Recording
& Playback

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Easily find the significant moments of the calls that are most important to you


Voiso is about more than just recording the call, our advanced call recording helps you to identify the calls that matter and access them with ease
Intuitive Search

Leverage filters like agent dispostion, call outcome, call events and more to quickly find any call you’re looking for

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited call recording and storage is included with advanced and enterprise version

Infinite Exports

Take your logs and recordings with you with infinite exporting capabilities

Selective Recording

Easily start, stop or pause recording to account for private information like credit card numbers


Automatically turn call recordings into transcripts for easier viewing and exporting

Events-Based Navigation

Quickly skip to the most important moments of the call with Voiso’s event-based navigation

Insightful Audio

Voiso’s speech recognition can transcribe and analyze voice calls to target your success metrics.
Automatically evaluate voice calls to highlight the most important interactions. Flag keywords or moments with word categories and receive call scoring to drive additional business value.

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