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Build flawless hospitality communications – with Voiso

The world of travel and hospitality communications is getting more and more personalized. Your customers expect quick and proactive support in any location and at any time of the day.

With Voiso, it’s easy to provide top-notch customer service – and not lose a bit in operational efficiency. Enhance CSAT levels and optimize your process with our omnichannel software and a set of automated solutions.

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Why hospitality and travel clients choose Voiso

  • Send a PDF or a map link to your customers, even while talking to them on the phone, so they get their booking details right away, on any app or device they’re using, in any part of the world. Our omnichannel software lets you move seamlessly between voice, SMS, live chat, and messengers – all from one tab.

    Don't worry about being unable to reach your clients either. Voiso’s underlying technical infrastructure backs up the quality of your connection to over 140 countries.

  • For support teams, be sure your guests get a first-rate experience – design multi-level IVR menus so that callers can self-navigate to the agent best capable of taking on their task.

    For outstanding outbound campaigns, optimize the calling process with an AI-powered predictive dialer that helps your team work through your calling lists significantly faster and more efficiently than with manual dialing.

  • With Voiso, it’s not a problem if you want to close one of your contact centers or open a new one in another country. You can adjust your day-to-day operations to suit the ever-changing world of travel and hospitality, whether the industry shrinks or rebounds.

    Roll out marketing campaigns and onboard new staff in a matter of days. Our onboarding engineers and 24/7 support will help you handle changes with minimum effort and maximum results.

Features that make a difference

  • Visual Flow Builder

    A visual tool that lets you design call trees, IVR menus, communication flows, and skills-based routing queues and helps you program and analyze scenarios for perfect customer interactions.

  • In-Queue Callback

    Let your guests know that you value their time – offer a callback option so they don’t have to wait on the line, and let the algorithm schedule a call from the first free agent suitable for the job.

  • Flexible retrospective billing

    Only use the workforce you need this season and be free to change your business plans without unnecessary expenses. We’ll only charge you retrospectively at the end of each month for the exact number of licenses you’ve used.

  • Multiple CRM integrations

    Don’t lose a single detail from your client base – and don’t waste time manually exporting your customers’ contact details. Voiso easily integrates with the most popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, etc. Check our Integrations page to be sure we have what you need.

  • Numbers porting

    Take your numbers with you when you switch to Voiso so your loyal clients will still be able to reach you. Don’t lose contact with the travelers who keep coming back to use your service.

  • Post-call Surveys

    Want to know what your customers think? Ask them. With Voiso, it’s easy – just design a post-call survey to get the answers you need directly from the people you want to impress.

What our clients have to say: Karma Hotels

“With Voiso, we discovered tools to automate and optimize our processes. Eventually our communications grew from a call center of 15 agents into a 100+ employees omnichannel contact center operating across continents.”
David M Scheckter, Karma Group COO
Karma Hotels customer story

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