Data At Your Fingertips

All the metrics you want made available in any format you could need

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Collect, organize, and view your data to make the right business decisions

  • Unlimited Time Periods

    Go back in time indefinitely and search any metric you want to look for trends, compare performance and more

  • Report Scheduling

    Turn any report into a scheduled report that can be auto-exported and used for consistent performance review

  • Instant Results

    A powerful search engine that can comb through millions of records and return results in a few seconds

  • Visualize Your Data

    Built-in visualizations and graphs that help you analyze your call center, recognize patterns and compare data across teams, time periods, etc

  • 10+ Template Reports

    Get started quickly and find inspiration with 10+ built-in reports based on our experience with call centers all over the world

  • Multiple Formats

    Choose to export reports as CSVs to import massive data into other systems or high-quality PDFs for easy reading

Export Insights, Not Just Data

It’s not just what data you collect, it’s how you view and use that data.
Build unique visualizations and discover trends to gain deep insights and drive decisions throughout the business. Export these insights in multiple formats to power BI tools and build external reports.
Data visualization in the Voiso program

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