Customer Story

With Voiso, a Philippines call center stopped losing clients and improved their efficiency

“This software not only lets a supervisor see the full picture. It leads your staff and helps with clues along the way.”
Mae Igot, BlueCalls supervisor


20+ employees
Use Case:
BPO contact center

BlueCalls provides lead generation and contact center services for real estate, health insurance, and transportation companies in the APAC region.

A dedicated team of 20 agents works every day to take the cold-calling and customer service off of their clients’ backs — and to do it efficiently.


Mobile calls did not go through

At some point, the previous vendor was no longer able to provide an international mobile connection for BlueCalls, and this resulted in them losing clients. Mae Igot, the supervisor, tells the story: “We started calling at 10 a.m., and around 3 p.m., connection losses began. Soon, we couldn’t call mobile numbers at all”.

Managing employees with different skill sets

The most difficult part for me was handling the employees, as everyone has different attitudes and characters.
Mae Igot

As she did not have an effective set of tools to collect and analyze the team’s performance data, she had to micromanage every agent to know the team’s capability.

Slow and complicated calling process

“Using any other dialing solution would take a lot of clicks for you to successfully make a call” — without an automated tool to optimize the dialing process, the BlueCalls team was losing too much time on routine tasks.

Enter Voiso

Stable connection and local numbers

In one day, Voiso set up routing for international calls that would work without technical failures, and if we had questions, getting a swift reply from support was never a problem.
Mae Igot

Voiso’s team of dedicated engineers fixed BlueCalls’ problem with calls termination on Singapore mobile numbers on the first day. With access to phone numbers in 130+ countries, a pool of Tier 1 telecom providers and global infrastructure that includes a data center in the APAC region, the task was made simple.

Dashboards to drive performance: monitoring teamwork in real-time

Organizing a productive workflow can be difficult to achieve without actionable data on agents’ performance. People are hard to manage, especially if we’re talking about a team of specialists with different backgrounds working in a challenging environment of an outsource contact center.

Mae loved our solution for this problem:

With Real-Time Dashboard monitoring agents’ performance and managing their capacity became much easier for me.
Mae Igot

Voiso Real-Time Dashboards are a set of widgets that you can customize to track your own KPIs: average wait time, talk time, effective answer score or any contact center metric imaginable — we got you.

Automation for profit: dialer campaigns

Automation of the dialing process provides a great advantage for teams that need to optimize the time their agents spend on marketing and sales operations. For BlueCalls, using a progressive dialer was a game changer — and the campaign setup was really simple.

With Voiso, we only need to make one click after uploading the calling list. Now we can make more calls and stop wasting agents’ time on actual dialing. Automating the process has really improved our performance.
Mae Igot

Voiso dialer helps to free up your agents from unnecessary waiting and gives them a chance to just talk - and focus on their job.

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