COVID-19: Call center agents at home?
Dec 04 2020

Choose the right hosted call center software

In a complex ecosystem of various roles, responsibilities, KPIs, and countless acronyms, finding the right tools to drive call center performance can be challenging. To advance in the areas that mean the most – like delivering stellar customer service and increasing revenue – you need a bulletproof operations structure to fall back on. A reliable, predictable, and powerful system to support all your business needs now comes in the form of a call center software.

Automation and artificial intelligence are not designed to replace the human element in call center operations. Rather, they will enhance the experience for your agents, supervisors, and managers, allowing them to reach their full potential. 

Here are five suggestions that will help narrow down your search for the best call center software:

Ease of use

A call center by definition should support outbound and inbound calling to connect agents with clients and vice versa. In these interactions, every second counts, so initiating and receiving calls must be as simple and intuitive as possible. Basic software features frequently used by agents include Consultation, Transfer, and Conference. Although some training may be required at first, the process of making calls needs to be transparent even for newly hired agents.

After you’ve made sure that your call center is agent-friendly, take some time to think about supervisors as well. To effectively manage teams and perform quality control duties, the following five features should be included in the software: Silent Monitoring, Whisper, Barge-In, Intercept, and Terminate. These supervisor capabilities are especially useful for inbound call centers.

Workload-simplifying extra features

Keeping track of key metrics like average call duration (ACD) or answer seizure ratio (ASR) is essential to determine long-term trends and areas for improvement. Most call center software solutions support retroactive review of weekly or monthly performance. Advanced historical reporting can go even further and offer custom time spans, prolonged periods of data availability, built-in visualizations, scheduling, and auto-export capabilities.

Regular reports are great for seeing the big picture, but may not be as useful for routine operations. The support of real-time monitoring will allow supervisors and campaign managers to introduce small adjustments during the day. Dynamic metrics, graphs and charts can help make data-driven decisions like reassigning agents between queues or tweaking dialer campaign settings.

Security concerns

Call centers are known to be vulnerable to security breaches. Look for software that has features to mitigate some of the risks. It may be as simple as introducing role-based access by limiting access to certain system pages for select users or offering selective recording to protect certain parts of the conversation. With CRM integration, data security can also be enhanced by masking the clients’ personal information – replacing displayed customer numbers with country codes.

CRM integration support

Improved data protection is not the only perk that comes from having your CRM system and software interconnected. Flexible, browser-based call centers that have native CRM support can utilize features like click-to-call, calling list import, automatic call outcome logging, and screen popups. For more information on how CRM integration can make your call center more efficient, check out our dedicated blog post.

Real user recommendations

Of course, there is always a personal fit factor to consider when choosing call center software. Even the most advanced solutions may not be suitable for your use case. Favor vendors that offer comprehensive demos, along with call center industry experience and a support team in your time zone.

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