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Nov 27 2020

CRM integration checklist

For a call center agent, a call isn't simply a conversation on the phone. Most of the heavy lifting goes on behind the scenes: fetching relevant client information, keeping it up-to-date, checking previous interaction history, and leaving notes based on the call outcome. All this data is reflected and stored in the customer relationship management (CRM) system.

If your call center software of choice does not support CRM integration, the described pre- and after-call work time increase dramatically, with the possibility of compromising sales and customer service.

Problems and implications

Imagine an agent tasked with an extensive outbound campaign dialing each client’s number and updating lead records in the CRM manually. Switching between interfaces or juggling multiple browser windows doubles the amount of time spent working on a call. Any discrepancy could complicate future data interpretation: analysis, reporting, and analytics. Dealing with fields that do not match – or custom parameters like wrap-up codes not reflected in the CRM – could adversely impact the agent’s performance even further.

With data security always in the back of our minds, giving agents full access to the CRM could also raise concerns. However, leaving them with no information or ticket history to go on could negatively impact customer service. Every call center has to eventually figure out the extent of their agents' involvement in the CRM. By means of software integration, call center supervisors can deploy dialer or click-to-call scenarios as more appropriate ways to handle personal data.

Complicated CRMs might also pose a challenge in onboarding and in training of new employees. Maintaining lead records such as role in decision or internal ratings in an overly elaborate system could become a burden when launching a new dialer campaign with no previous history.

Call center software that supports CRM integration can simplify daily agent tasks with no loss in functionality.

Key integration features

Here are other features you may be missing out on if your CRM and call center software are not in sync:

1. For any campaign manager, a calling list is a basic necessity. However, putting it together is really not that simple. Tens of thousands of records have to be handpicked from the CRM and later uploaded to the call center dialer. With the support of integration, the calling list import feature swiftly pulls the selected phone numbers from the CRM system. Keep an eye out for call center software that allows campaign managers to set custom filters and parameters for segmenting the database.

2. If your call center managers are used to keeping statistics – such as average call results per hour – in the CRM, you will benefit from automatic call outcome logging. It will transmit all call dispositions back to the CRM, giving you the full picture in your preferred workspace.

3Another useful integration feature – the screen popup – will automatically find and display the relevant lead record from the CRM based on the established call. Agents assigned to inbound or outbound campaigns will have instant access to all the necessary client information, like their name, account number, or account level. This functionality also allows agents to transfer calls without losing any context in the process.

CRM and call center software integration

When deployed correctly, call center management software updates client records with every action taken by the agent. Calls are streamlined by auto-logging all metrics back to the CRM system, making data exchange fast and seamless. Data protection is enhanced by masking the clients’ personal information. All is right with the world.

Most call center software supports basic integration with popular client management systems. What sets the best solutions apart is the ability to be flexible in accommodating custom CRMs. Built with the customer in mind, Voiso offers native integration with Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Zoho, Zendesk, Salesforce, Pipedrive, SugarCRM,, and more to come. If your CRM is not listed above, our developer-friendly API will easily bring the power of Voiso to your call center.

Reach out to one of our experts and see what you're missing.