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Jan 15 2021

Utilizing Answering Machine Detection for outbound campaigns

Have you ever called someone and got excited to hear their voice saying a familiar “Hello”, only to be followed by a common “Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave a message…”? For call center agents, this is not a rare experience but a routine reality, as about 70% of all outbound calls go straight to voicemail.

If your agents are manually handling every single call, they are inevitably spending more time listening to IVR systems or answering machines than actually talking to live customers. Provided within advanced call center software, Answering Machine Detection is the solution that can change this work routine and drive better outbound campaign results.

AMD is a technology that analyzes all answered calls for the first few seconds to determine whether a human or a machine picked up the call. Only live calls are then routed through to the agent; all other calls are ended. Answering Machine Detection can be applied to any automated outbound call and is commonly used as a built-in feature for dialers.

AMD comes with a lot of benefits. First is gathering unbiased statistics on how many of your outbound calls are answered by humans. Without automation, detecting voicemails and logging the outcome of each call is left to agents. The more outbound calls you have, the harder it becomes to control and limit the human error factor on the resulting statistics. AMD gives you a more realistic number of calls picked up by prospective leads, separating them from calls that went to answering machines.

Alternatively, you can increase the intensity of outbound campaigns for the dialer to initiate more calls than in the previous settings without AMD. That way, the same number of agents will be able to handle more live calls per day and finish a campaign faster. More outbound calls – more potential customers and sales for your call center.

Due to the diversity of IVR systems, personal greetings, and human behavior such as manner and pace of speech, AMD has an inevitable percentage of incorrectly detected calls. The average precision rate of AMD can go up as high as 95%. To work well for different customer destinations and calling lists, AMD mechanisms are constantly evolving and adapting.

Answering Machine Detection enhances an extensive list of features available with Voiso, our advanced call center solution. Other technological advancements include powerful outbound dialers, historical reporting, and real-time monitoring for 50+ metrics.To get started using Voiso’s AMD, you can request a free trial with our tech team.

To get started using Voiso’s AMD, you can request a free trial with our tech team.