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Feb 05 2021

Call center software: benefits of a strong support team

Choosing the right call center software means carefully considering the range of features you need for your specific use case. For call centers dealing primarily with inbound traffic, it’s the ability to manage queues, introduce call routing strategies, and monitor conversations in real time. Outbound-oriented call centers look for powerful dialers, answering machine detection support, and CRM integration. BPOs require a service suited to a remote workforce, while their contracting companies expect reporting transparency.

There are other factors that can influence your choice, including but not limited to pricing, security features, user reviews, and general ease of use. Caught up in the numerous differences between available software solutions, companies tend to overlook another very important consideration—the support provided by the vendor. The modern call center is equipped with several built-in analytics tools, including the ability to monitor the quality of network connection during or after calls and track performance metrics via real-time widgets. Still, for issues that go beyond self-management, live support from specialists with field expertise remains essential.

With a hosted software solution, you can rely on the support team to help you every step of the way—during the initial onboarding process, through any new updates and custom feature requests, and with campaign settings and reachability issues you may encounter. Below, we explore each scenario to show why exactly your call center software of choice should seek a strong support team above all else.

General support

The first thing you need to consider is the type of support offered by the service provider. Can you reach them by phone, or do you need to file a ticket for every question you may have? Is it possible to request a video-call with screen sharing? Are the tickets handled directly by engineers, or do you first have to explain your issue to a non-technical specialist? Does the software have a specialist in your time zone? The more flexible and cooperative the support team is, the easier and faster your queries will be solved, and it is always important to find out what to expect before making the commitment.

Onboarding process

Most SaaS solutions are highly customizable, via drag and drop builders for real-time monitoring dashboards, subsections for dialer and queue management, and threshold notification settings. Still, every product is different and takes some getting used to, especially if you previously had an in-house call center management system. That’s where the boarding engineers come in.

An assigned team will guide you through the available functionalities and assist you in importing agents, transferring phone numbers and calling lists, and setting up CRM integrations. They can also help your agents and supervisors with their new capabilities and work interfaces, sparing you the need to waste time and resources on training. With modern software solutions backed up by an experienced support team, the onboarding process can take as little as a few hours.

The most common issues...

The most common support cases concern audio quality or reachability. For any call center, ensuring that the numbers in your calling lists can be reached and that the person on the other end of the conversation can always hear the agent well, are crucial. Possible issues in these arenas have the potential to dramatically affect sales or customer experience.

The support team can help by identifying where along the chain things are breaking down. By reading metrics regarding network status and audio quality and then running tests, they can determine if the problem is on your side or caused by the software. In the latter scenario, they can make the needed fix; in the former, they can quickly pinpoint the problem.

... and specific requests

With call center software that offers built-in telephony, support teams can share their extensive experience in placing calls to different destinations all over the world. They can advise on strategies for caller ID choice to help you achieve higher answer rates. By request, an engineer can provide you with IDs proven to be accepted by carriers to have a better ASR.

To choose the right software for your call center, find out how strong their support team is. Voiso maintains 3 NOCs and is ready to support clients across the globe in all time zones, 24/7. With direct-to-engineer internal case handling, your queries are always addressed directly by experienced telecom specialists. During the initial onboarding process or throughout the free 14-day trial, a team of specialists are just a phone or video call away to guide you to your dream call center.

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