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Mar 05 2021

Call center essentials: HLR lookup

During an outbound campaign, calls centers are often challenged by unsuccessful attempts to reach certain numbers on the calling list. The reasons for this may vary: some numbers turn out to be incorrectly formatted, not allocated to an operator, or not assigned to any subscriber, while others, though valid, are temporarily out of coverage. In each of these cases, the call will fail, and it is usually hard for the agent to pinpoint why. HLR Lookup is a service that allows for real-time phone number validation and can help determine the subscriber’s current status in the mobile network.

How Voiso’s HLR Lookup can help your agents

During a campaign, whether the dialing is manual or click-to-call, coming across wrong numbers or unreachable subscribers is actually quite common. A situation like this can be caused by a formatting mistake, a typo in the calling list entry, or the number’s discontinuation. Subscribers whose contact info has proven to be valid, and who have been successfully reached in the past, may go in and out of coverage multiple times in the course of the day. Without the right tools to determine why the call has failed, agents are left with no choice but to keep dialing the same number, spending time and resources on calls that are destined to fall through.

If this is a situation you or your employees are familiar with, Voiso’s built-in HLR Lookup may be able to help. Instead of wondering whether call attempts are falling through due to a connectivity or telephony problem, or because something is wrong on the call center supplier’s side, agents can now send an HLR query in real time. The request will return the status of the number that was previously dialed. Within Voiso, the HLR Lookup button is conveniently located right in the softphone interface used for making calls, found in the call history near every number an agent has dialed.

Direct access to an HLR Lookup service can therefore allow your agents to explain why a call attempt failed, or justify new efforts to reach the relevant client. Since the status of any subscriber’s coverage is constantly in flux, running an HLR query makes the most sense when done in real-time, followed by immediate action from the agent performing the lookup.

Voiso is happy to announce built-in HLR Lookup support, which will be available to our clients from March 2021 onwards. Utilize the latest technology to aid your agents’ daily routine, together with other relevant automation tools like AI-based dialers, Answering Machine Detection, CRM integration support, and advanced monitoring capabilities.

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