An Interface Built
for Agents

Talk to an expert

Automate mundane tasks and give your agents a better experience


Make your agents’ lives easier and drive results for the business

Remove steps and allow inbound, outbound or click calls to auto-connect based on agent status

Easy Agent Status

Automatically transition agent status based on call events and workflows

On Screen Notifications

Simple notification experience directly in the interface for relevant messages and events

Full Call Control

Easily take any call action - initiate conference, attended transfer, etc. from a single modal

Campaign Awareness

Ensure assigned agents are present and aware of campaigns with a simple invite mechanism

View Performance Metrics

Configure viewable metrics for agents to visualize their own key performance indicators and progress

Get Beta Access to Multi-channel

A single pane of glass for agents to manage all their customer interactions. With multi-channel, you’ll be able to automatically determine a customer’s preferred channel and meet them where they are.
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